Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween - Narnia

This year's theme is.......




The White Witch

Mr. Tumnus

We had SO much fun making these costumes - almost everything was found a Goodwill or handcrafted from items found out Goodwill and Dollar Tree

Heading to battle against the White Witch

Tumnus being turned to stone

She thinks she has defeated the Narnians

Jadis realizing that Winter is coming to an end.

Epic Battle Shots

Mr Tumnus being silly/difficult and pouting after punching the White Witch.

We were spoiled this year when my friend, who is a professional photographer was in our area and offered to take some pictures of the kids and do some fun composite work.  

The kids LOVE seeing themselves in Narnia.

Thank you Natalie for making our Halloween extra special!