Saturday, February 17, 2018

Awana Games Champions!

We had an exciting morning at the Sparks-A-Rama and AWANA Games. Last year was Claire and Joy's first year participating and they didn't know what to expect.  This year, they knew what it would be like and that it is really a big deal so they were both pretty nervous.

Nana and Poppy came to watch which made it that much more exciting.

Joy didn't have any fantastic plays this year but she did alright in general.  It was painful to watch these little kids and their lack of sense of urgency.  

(Joy is the one with hte pink knee pads and blue bow. )
Run!..... FASTER!

Her team got 2nd place which would have been good and expected if we had gotten 2nd to the Greater Phoenix Chinese Church, but they weren't even in our flight this year. 

TnT was next.  We totally expected to get second with this age group as well because we WERE against the Chinese church.

Starting out strong with the pin.

Our team did pretty well and the Chinese Church team made a couple of huge errors so I knew the score would be close.  But they DO NOT lose so you can imagine our surprise when they announced the second place finisher.

Woo Hoo!I can't believe we won!  What a fun morning. 

There is already talk of next year.  Next year Paige will be old enough to be in the Sparks-A-Rama!