Friday, April 26, 2013

Skate Park!

Claire has been dying to try out her scooter at the Freestone Skate Park.  Every time we walk by it we promise to take her and we finally did!

 We went before school let out so there were only about 3, why-are-you-not-in-college-or-working, man-children there.  (physically men but making childish life choices)

She lasted a lot longer than we thought she would but finally heat and exhaustion got the better of her.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter

Joy and I share our enthusiasm for chocolate.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet the Creature

 We just got back from City of Chandler's Meet The Creature.  Oh my goodness it was so fun!  I was expecting just one animal but there were so many!  

The teacher talked about each animal and let us know the safe way to handle them.  We were so happy to see the guinea pigs up close since we have told Claire that when she is older we will get some.  These pigs were much bigger than any that I've ever had.  
 Long hair 
and short hair.  
She had brushes and clips for the kids to put in the guinea pigs hair.

The craziest animal there was the armadillo.  Wow! I had never seen one before!  It was amazing!  I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera but luckily our little video camera was in my purse so I was able to get a few shots (which explains the poor picture quality)

This little guy was fast and never stopped moving so I couldn't get a good picture of his face.
But when he was held he curled up into a ball.  His head and tail fit together like a perfect puzzle.  I was in awe but the girls didn't care about it at all.

They were busy petting the chinchilla ..

 and turtle...
 but the star of the show was this lizard. 

The kids had him by the window because he uses static electricity to walk on glass. I had never heard of that before.  He did not have suction feet at all.

We had a great time and on the way home talked about how amazing to was that God made so many different creatures.  Claire cannot wait for the next class.

Parks and Rec Fun

 We have so been enjoying our new home and area.  Right away we started taking advantage of the City of Chandler parks and rec classes.  Last month we had Claire's sportball and art class.
She loved sportball but not many other kids showed up.   The week that I snapped a few pictures, was the week that she was the only kid! 
 She loved it anyway.  She adored the coaches and they did an awesome job.  I am glad it is over though because it was getting really hot to be outside waiting for her to be done.  
  Joy and I played on the playground that was right there and Joy enjoyed some one-on-one time with me each week.

Claire's art class was pretty fun too.  Each week the teacher had all sorts of different paints and techniques ready for them to try.

She loved this technique the best and made SEVERAL of them. 
Joy is too young for the class so we didn't pay for her so I couldn't let her try anything even though she really wanted too.  I did let her play with the play dough when other kids weren't using it since it is a non-consumable.
I was taking care of Joy and Claire was working on a painting by herself.  When I came over to see how she was doing I saw that she had painted the word "wet" on her painting.
"What does this say?" I asked her. 
"Wet" she said.
"Why did you write "wet" on your painting?"
"Because when I painted the purple wings on the butterfly, the paint was too wet and it is dripping."

I was impressed.  She has been able to read most short vowel words for awhile but we have really been working on spelling lately and I felt like that moment was a small victory.

I think we will try a gymnastics class next.  Most classes go out past the time that the baby will be born so I don't want to commit to too many.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Tortoise and The Hare

 If you've read my blog for a length of time you would know that I don't have patience for animals. Before I had children to take care of, animals were okay to clean up after, feed, worry about etc.  but after we having kids the last thing I want is to have to mop up muddy paw prints or pick up "accidents" in the house.

After getting rid of our dog, we just had a cat Jonas and "the turtle", as we affectionately call our tortoise.  The cat was alright but pretty worthless (as are all animals) and the day we moved he got scared and ran away.  The new owners of our house couldn't catch him so... Good Bye Jonas.  We missed you for about  7 minutes.

I was perfectly happy with our one pet, the beloved tortoise.  We have had him for 3 years and don't have to do anything for him.  He is one cool dude. He roams the yard and eats weeds and grass.  We tried getting him tortoise food but he won't eat it.   He has been a fun decoration to our backyard and the girls enjoy looking for him and giving him treats occasionally.  But then.... a few days after we moved, my friend in Laveen found a bunny in her yard.  She couldn't keep it and the neighbors were trying to kill it so she caught it for us and we adopted him. 
Claire has named him Thumper.
 Josh built a really nice hutch for him but we felt sorry for him being cooped up all day.  He looked so bored.  We decided to let him be a free bunny so like the turtle, he roams the yard, eats what he pleases and is very low maintenance.  We do make sure that his bowl of water is full and we enjoy bringing him vegetables but other than that, he is on his own. 
 He seems to be much happier now that he can run and be free.  Sometimes he will be social and let us pet him, other times, he will not be caught.
 We are hoping that Thumper and The Turtle will become buddies.  I don't know if that is at all possible though.  Probably not. 
It's nice to have these two critters around to eat the vegetables that I buy but never eat.  It makes me feel less guilty. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Our Easter was very much the same as every other Easter except for the addition of Cousin T.J. and the fact that we were all a year older. 

We went to church in the morning and then went over to my parents' house for our family get together. We have yet to get a good picture of the 3 cousins.  We tried and tried to get one on Easter but to no avail. This was the best one of the kids....
and the best one with Nana and Poppy.
After pictures we ate and someone discovered that Joy's art work was much more impressive than we first thought.
 We decided it looks like some sort of Japanese influenced bird.
After we ate we went out for the huge, excited, egg hunt.  Uncle Buddy always hides the eggs.  Since Joy was able to participate this year we made the purple and pink eggs for her (and they were just laying on the ground) and all other colors were for Claire (somewhat hidden).

We thought Joy would LOVE the egg hunt but as usual she was being a huge grump.  She is ALWAYS a grump when we have family get togethers.  We don't understand why but she turns into a whiny, clingy, ornery, stinkbug at almost all social functions.  So, because she was in a mad bad mood she decided she did NOT want to get the eggs.
We showed her that there was candy inside and this appeased her for a few moments but as soon as the candy was gone she would cry again.  We ignored her and eventually she started picking eggs up on her own.
Claire helped her find the last few.
T.J. enjoyed looking at our tortoise.  He (the tortoise) was living at my parents for a little while because after we moved, my dad sprayed the weeds in our new backyard and we didn't want him to eat the weeds with poison on them. 
Look at those chubby legs!  T.J. is 5 months old and weighs more than Joy! 
He is a happy, go lucky guy.

  Joy was happy for a few moments on the swing.

Later, Claire showed off her hula hoop skills

and Uncle Buddy showed her how to run through it while it was rolling.

It was a fun Easter, now if only I could eradicate the Easter basket grass from my house!