Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paige's Birth Story

Paige's Birth Story

On Wednesday the 26th I went in earlier than planned to get an amniocentesis done to check if Paige's lung were mature.

 (36 weeks and 2 days) What an experience!  I had never had one and was a little nervous but I was told it was not that bad and a really quick procedure.   Josh and I went to Chandler Regional Hospital where my perinatalogist would perform the amnio.  Our appt was at 5:30 so we got there a few minutes early, were taken right back and then waited, for 4, yes 4 hours until the perinatalogist strolled in.  In his defense he squeezed me in last minute due to my tearful meltdown in his office earlier that morning and he is considered "the best" by everyone I have ever talked to about him so it was worth the wait.

They had an ultrasound tech there who found a good pocket of fluid where the baby was out of the way so the dr. stuck the needle in my stomach where the pocket was but right then, Paige flipped around so her back was in the way.  He waited with the needle in limbo between my skin and amniotic sac and after so long tried a different spot.  But the same thing happened, as soon as he stuck the needle in, Paige somehow knew and blocked the way.  On the third attempt, I was getting worried that he wouldn't be able to get any fluid, and it was not the most pleasant feeling thing as he didn't use any kind of numbing at all. I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time.  He stuck in the needle all the way threw and when it went into the uterus. Paige started flailing her arms and hands and touched it.  He pulled the needle up so it was flush with the wall of my uterus and wouldn't poke her but then she started searching and feeling all over for it.  At one point she had her hand wrapped around it.  Finally after about 10 minutes she let him get the fluid and what should have been an easy 2 minute procedure turned into a nerve racking 20 minute procedure.

We were told we'd get the results the next day (as it was 10pm at that time) I got a call early from the hospital and rejoiced when I was told that her lungs were mature!  Seriously, so happy.  If they had not been, we would have had to wait another whole week and do the amnio all over again.  I made phone calls to my midwives and they said that the hospital was busy so I needed to wait until the charge nurse called to tell me it was okay to go in.  Thankfully, the midwife on call that day offered to put the foley bulb in, in the regular office so that we could get the ball rolling.  It was VERY important to me to not have to be induced using pitocin so I was anxious and hoping it would work as well as it had for inducing Joy.  I was 2 cm and 50% effaced when she put it in. I went home and we all finished cleaning and packing since we were not prepared at all and then we went to Chandler Fashion Square Mall with the girls to walk.  We walked (fast) for a good 3 hours.  Claire and Joy were angels and there was minimal complaining about legs being tired so they got to ride the train and get a treat.  I was getting discouraged that I was not feeling anything, every once in a while, I would get a braxton hicks contraction but that was it.  I was hoping that like last time I had done the foley bulb, it was working but just hadn't fallen out.  I called the midwife and told her that nothing was happening but that I thought it might have fallen out even though it didn't fall all the way out. (like last time)  She assured me that it would fall out all the way when I got to 4 cm.  We went home because my legs and back were killing me.  We took the girls to my parents house to spend the night in case the hospital called to say it was okay for us to come in and went to bed assuming we wouldn't hear anything until morning.   At 1:30am the charge nurse called and said "Come on in! We're ready for you"  So we jumped in the car and got over there asap.

At 2:30am we were in our room and the midwife, Janice, came in to see what was going on with the bulb.  Sure enough I was at 5cm and it was wedged in there.  I was right,  thank you, thank you very much.   I regained hope as at that point Janice would break my water and I knew I wouldn't need any type of induction drugs. However, because I was GBS positive, so badly to the point that it was showing up in my urine all throughout the pregnancy, I decided I would allow them to do the 45 minutes of antibiotic treatment (protocol for such cases).  I couldn't break my water until that happened so I bounced on one of those exercise balls while the I.V. of antibiotics dripped in for that 45 minutes. I was just then starting to feel contractions so I told Janice I thought I was at 6cm.  Once again I was right and she broke my water around 4:30am.  I bounced some more and just killed time waiting.  I didn't have to wait long though, the contractions started coming strong and fast.  I told Josh to call my mom at 5am to hurry and bring Claire over. Claire really wanted to watch her baby sister being born this time.  The next 50 minutes were intense but super fast.  I was in more pain than I remember being in with Claire or Joy.  I started feeling really horrible and knew I was in transition so I hung on Josh with all my weight and let my body relax completely during those last few minutes of labor. (Our typical move that works really well for me)  I almost threw up on him (but never did) and got so thirsty I thought I was going to die. Even though I felt terrible I was happy because I knew I was super close to being able to push. I was never checked for completeness but my body knew it was time so I got on the bed facing backward on my knees, kind of hugging the back of the upright bed and told them to let Claire and my mom in. I pushed once, Claire walked in just in time to see the baby's head sticking out.  I was afraid this would scare her but Josh saw her face and said she she was so happy and excited.  One more push and Paige came out! The midwife was getting things ready still so luckily Josh quickly caught her. Paige's cord was so short it had to be cut before I could turn over and see her. It was literally maybe 1 foot long but looked good otherwise.  I turned over and held her.  She was much greasier than any other baby I've had, that was weird.  She nursed right away as Claire got an up close and personal view of the placenta coming out and was cracking us up with her questions and comments about the whole ordeal.  Claire did so great and felt very proud that she was privileged enough to be there.  The nursery nurse later took Paige across the room to weigh her and bathe her.  She was 6lb 11oz and 18.5 inches long.  Just a little bigger than Joy which is what I was expecting based on my belly size.

The nurse gave Claire a stool so she could watch and help which was really neat.
Claire counting her toes for us.
 Claire pointed out any spots that the nurse missed and helped wash her hair.
  Then we all hung out and snuggled baby Paige. 
 Even though her lungs were mature on the amnio test, there was still a chance she would have trouble but she was perfect and never had to leave our sight.  She went back to the nursery for some kind of poke test so Josh went with her to make sure our number one rule was followed - They can take blood out of her but nothing may go in her.  My mom and Claire and I walked to our postpartum room and waited for Josh to come with Paige.
A few minutes later they joined us and we enjoyed some time before Claire got bored and wanted to go back to Nana's house.  Janice then came in and read my labor stats.  3 hours of active labor, 2 minutes of pushing and 6 minutes to deliver the afterbirth.  My new personal record!  I feel so thankful and blessed that God gave me a body that handles labor efficiently.

My mom left with Claire. Josh and I started playing the waiting game with the hospital. I was irritated because the pediatrician told me that since I was gbs positive they had to keep Paige for 48 hours to make sure her blood culture was neg. I argued that the reason I got the antibiotics during labor was to avoid that but he said that because she was a preemie. (by a whopping 4 days) I should have had 2 doses of antibiotics.  Ridiculous. I was assured by everyone at my ob that 1 dose is all I would need.  Paige slept and ate and was frequently disturbed by the nurses.  We had family and a few friends visit.  That night my parents brought back the girls and Josh took them home for a good nights sleep.  Paige and I had a really long night and I slept maybe 2 hours.  In the morning Paige finally got sleepy and slept well in between nurses coming in and doing ridiculous things to her.  Do you really HAVE to take her temperature for the 40th time right now? 
 She had her hearing test, jaundice test, oxygen test and various other tests that needed to be done before we could go home but I was in no hurry since I knew we had to stay another night, which I was dreading.  The pediatrician came back in and announced that she could go home after all because she had done so well and her culture would have started growing something by now if it was going to be trouble.  I was so happy!  I found my nurse and told her to please get the ball rolling.  I was discharged almost immediately but the nursery nurses took their time in getting paperwork together.  Josh took the 2 big girls over to his parents house for the day and then joined me and Paige at the hospital. A little while later Paige was set free and we went home. 

Paige definitely has her nights and days mixed up.  She sleeps really well all day until about 11pm and then is awake and wants to be held and nurse non-stop and until about 5am. Then she finally sleeps soundly. She was looking pretty red last night so she has spent her morning snoozing in the sun shine - just to keep the jaundice away.
  We really need to work on her schedule because I am exhausted.

Joy has done amazingly well with her new sister. (so far) 
We were sure she would throw a fit about it since she is such a mama's girl but she has been great. 

 The girls are already fighting over who gets to hold her.

Claire today told me.  "Now we have five people!" 
"I know, isn't that great?" I said.
Then Claire said.  "Yes, but we really need to pray a lot for a boy baby cause we don't have any boy babies still."

I know for sure we would like one more... Lord willing. (maybe 2)   I hope that I know when we are done and be at peace with it.  You never hear anyone say they regret having too many children but I constantly hear the regrets of women saying the wish they had had one more.  Right now I can't imagine Paige being the last.  There is just something addicting about being handed a tiny human and knowing it is yours to take home and love.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strange Quirks and Towel Robes

Joy is a strange one sometimes.  She has many quirks that make me think she is a little OCD.  One of them is that when she drops a pieces of food. i.e. a cheerio at breakfast, that cheerio MUST be recovered before she can relax and take another bite.  (in this case it was a cheese puff)
 Any lost food is immediately sought after, forsaking the whole bowl for the one lost. 

She also HATES to take her clothes off - especially when we take off her jammies.  She has 3 different onesies all with ladybugs on them and she loves them.  Every night we have to acknowledge the bugs, and find them all.

Each morning is a fight as I rip off the usually poopy onesie and she sobs "My bug! My bug!"  (she does this with any dress as well, not so much with shorts and a t-shirt)

Here weirdest thing though is her obsession with towels.  After bath she loves to snuggle in her towel....FOREVER.

She tries to walk around in it and it makes her trip or falls off her body.  She freaks out about it and can't rest until the towel is securely wrapped around her just so.  If you take her towel away she gets SO upset and cries, "My towl!"  My towl!"  We thought this was funny at first but it is getting ridiculous.  Now she even does it with our beach towels after swimming.  She wants to walk around with it but they are just too big and heavy, her hands aren't free and then it falls.  I only have so much patience for it and after the 2nd time of re-wrapping it, I take it away.  Tears ensue.

I decided to make everyone's life happier by making her a towel robe.  I made this one first just to see if she would accept it as a "towl" and want to wear it.
 Oh boy, did she.  When Claire saw her she said "Hey! I want to be a shepherd too!"  A little while later I found Claire crying in her room.  (yes, my children cry way more than I believe the average child does, or should)  I asked her what was wrong and she said "You never make things for me!"  Oh brother.

So, because I didn't want Joy to look like a poor shepherd and since Claire really wanted one, I splurged and went out and bought 2 new towels to make into robes.  I got them from Walmart for $8.   Because I spent money on them,  I wanted them to really turn out well so I bought the Beach Robe pattern over at MADE.   It was a great, easy pattern and it took me about 4 hours for both of them.

Although, much of that time was spent re-threading my surger after a certain 1 year old completely destroyed the threads and finding the right tension setting for my machine to sew on the thicker towel material.

Now Joy can run around in her towel, snuggly and happy and hands free.

They are also great for lounging by the pool while waiting for Sissy's swim class to be done.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Backyard - We have grass!

Yep, our house is still a work in progress.  The backyard has been pretty low on the priority list.  You may remember that when my parents first bought the house it had 3 horrible disgusting palm trees.  If you like palm trees,  I am sorry, we cannot be friends.

Quite a few months ago we tried to take them out ourselves but that proved impossible so we paid a guy to chop them down and grind down the stumps so they won't grow back.  Yay! Problem solved....or so we thought.
 The yard laid untouched for a few months until a few weeks ago when we had a guy come and level the whole yard.  It was quite the job. ( Oh, we also had that tiny tree in the corner planted. )
 But while he was leveling it he discovered that 2 of the palm tree stumps were sticking up out of the newly level ground making it impossible for him to finish his job and even more impossible to lay sod over the yard (which was being done the next day).
 Josh dug around the stump, which is really a ball of roots and dirt, later that day my dad rented a stump grinder and hacked away at it.  (He had fun)
 They got rid of the 2 palm tree stumps and a little, random stump that was already in the yard when we moved in.  Josh then spent hours getting the ground back to level and ready for the grass in the morning.
 The crew of guys that came put in all the sprinklers and drip irrigation.  Then they laid the sod.
 2000 sq ft of it.
We are so pleased.  We had to stay off of it for 2 weeks to let the ground settle.  Josh had his first chance to mow it this morning.  

Looks pretty good! Now we just need to put in the border and pea gravel around the outside.  (pea gravel is easier on little feet.)  Then the yard will be done.