Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tooth Fairy!

Back in May,  this is what Claire's mouth looked like.
 Her two bottom teeth were a little loose but the permanent ones were growing in behind them.   We were very worried that she would need braces since the new tooth is so far behind the others.   Her first bottom tooth came out a month after the lovely mouth picture. 

This little tooth was STUBBORN!  It took weeks of loosening, crying and screaming to get it out.  Of course, like everything else with Claire it was a high drama situation.  A normal child would have worked on it themselves and just pulled it out.
 Dr. Buddy trying to get it out by slipping a string around it. 
It finally came out when I was tired of the drama and just pulled it out hard.  It surprised her and she was mad at first until she realized I had gotten it.

**It is important to note that the permanent tooth moved forward to its correct spot nicely.  Yay!

She was so excited for the tooth fairy to come!  I was too because I had come up with a special tooth fairy plan that I was excited about.  Instead of getting a quarter or something she would loose immediately  I came up with the idea of a Toothfairy bracelet.   I went to Hobby Lobby during their 50% all charms sale and got a charm bracelet, and fairy charm and then pearl charms - enough for all of her teeth that will be falling out over the years. (20)

I put it in a cute drawstring bag with a little note explaining she'll get a new pearl charm for every tooth she looses -  one pearly white for another.  ( I had to explain to Claire that sometime teeth are call pearly whites)

Yesterday morning she lost her second bottom tooth (finally).  We put it in the little bag for safe keeping for the day.  Unfortunately, Joy dumped out the little drawstring bag when she was on the couch and lost Claire's tooth. We spent a good hour scouring the floor, couch, under the couch, inside the couch etc.before we finally found it.  Phew!  Crisis averted!  She was so excited to go to bed last night to get her 2nd pearl charm.

Eventually she'll have a bracelet full of pearls. It is my hope that it will be something that she will hold on to for a long time and when she is older, going through boxes of her things, ready to move out and get married, she'll find it and say "Oh! My tooth fairy bracelet!"  And remember the sweet magic of childhood.