Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6 and 60

This year my Dad turned 60 and Claire turned 6!

For Claire's birthday this year, we just did family parties. Due to schedules, we had her party with my family a week before her birthday and with Josh's family, a week after her birthday.  This confused her very much and she just could not wrap her head around the fact that you can celebrate on a different day than your actual birthday.
Claire got a slip n slide from my parents and we were both unsure if she would like it, but it was and still remains a huge hit!  She didn't understand the whole running and throwing your body on the slide until Aunt Rachel "raced" her up to the slide so Claire could see how fast she had to run. 

After a long time of watching Claire, Uncle Buddy had to join in.

Joy loved it as you can see. (tears ensued)

Later we sang and ate cake!
Joy knows Poppy will let her sneak some frosting.
This girl loves her cake.

Two weeks later we went to Josh's parents.  They bought a beautiful new house a month or two ago, and the girls were so excited to swim in their new pool. 
Paige loves it the most because it has a whole shelf area with a shade umbrella where she can touch and practice walking around.
Paige is the bravest of the girls when it comes to water.
Claire is an expert swimmer - as long as she has her mask.
Joy is too  - as long as she has her "yeyow fwoaties" aka puddle jumpers.

Later we ate and Claire opened her gifts.  She was soooo happy to get a big girl backpack and a flashlight and other things she would need for Kids Camp. 
The next morning, we went to church and she and Josh left for camp.  They won't be back until Saturday.  The house is conflict free and quiet but also boring.  We miss our little six year old!