Sunday, February 28, 2010

World's Tallest Fountain and Loudest Pizza

A few weeks ago my parents had some long-time, missionary friends staying at their house. It is tradition in our family to take all out of state visitors to Fountain Hills to see "the World's Tallest Fountain". They happened to be going on a Monday so Claire and I got to go too. It was a beautiful day, perfect for playing outside and enjoying the warming weather. Fountain Hills park has changed quite a bit since the last time we were there. (It is also important to note that we discovered that a taller fountain has been built so it has lost its claim to fame)

There was a nice park with fun new things to play on. Here is Claire brushing her hair off her forehead. She does this CONSTANTLY and freaks out if hair is in her eyes. She HAS to have a clip at all times and because of this phobia she hates windy days.
We ate a picnic lunch and then Claire and I went to feed the ducks. Once again, ducks were scarce but coots were everywhere. Gross.The fountain went off at the top of the hour and it was so windy we all got misted. There was a big turtle in front of the park and of course we had to take a picture of her on it. Organ Stop Pizza is another tradition we have and we always take guests there. I love Organ Stop. I don't really know why but my brothers and I have fond memories of going there as a family when my grandparents were still alive. They would make us get there at least 45 minutes before the doors opened and we would wait with all the other snowbirds outside. As soon as they opened, my brothers and I would run in and save the tables on the main floor right in the center. Then we quickly filled out our request cards and see who's songs would be played first. I think we liked it so much because my grandparents liked it so much. I loved the way they would sing to the sing-a-longs that are totally for the people in their 60's and 70's. And who could forget the motley crew of dancing marionette cats? Yes, good times indeed.
Josh and Michelle are not as impressed with it as we all are. Apparently, Josh has had bad experiences there and claims that the people upstairs spit on the people below. I've never seen that happen. Claire was in awe of the place.
She danced and clapped to every song. She couldn't have loved it more. Then these guys came out....
This is her face she makes when she thinks something is so cute and goes "Owh!
Like "owh, look at the baby" Or "owh, puppy sleeping" She also likes to meow when she sees kitties and did so for a very long time after they were gone.
It was a fun night of old traditions with new people.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big BBQ Day

The day of the BBQ finally came and boy, am I glad it is over! I tend to worry about things way too much and this was no exception.

The days leading up to the BBQ, I was up late every night frantically making more Hairblooms. "Melmo" entertained Claire more than I would want to admit to and every waking moment where I could squeeze in time I worked on getting things ready.

The morning of the BBQ, I was so upset. It was storming (like it had for the last 3 years on BBQ day) Thankfully, Anita from church let me borrow their EZ Up tent. Josh and some youth helped me set up the tent and table and then I worked on laying things out how I wanted. (if there is a next time I would like to have walls - it looks messy being able to see through into my neighbors' booths. As I was doing so, it began to POUR rain. It rained and rained and water was pooling up on the roof of my tent. I had already hung the clothing that I was selling on a clotheslines around the outside of the tent and water was dripping off of them by the time the rain stopped.
The wind then picked up which was a nuisance but luckily I had weighted my poster signs pretty well so they only fell down a couple of times.

People started to show up after the rain was gone but I know that many more would have come if the day had been nice. (or halfway warm)

I was really surprised at the number of Hairblooms that didn't sell and the number of dresses that did. I was not planning on selling any dresses - The most expensive one was $5 just because I wanted them gone. I ended up selling about half of them.

I think I only sold 3 pairs of the leg warmers.
The main sitting area where people could eat while being entertained by the bands. (Looks classy doesn't it?) The youth band played for a little while but because of the rain, everyone was pushed back way later and was very rushed.
Between helping me set up my booth, playing in the band and setting up / overseeing the youth booths, Josh was very busy.

My MOPS group had a booth too. They did face painting, a raffle and had a changing station set up for the public. I wish I could have helped but I was the only one to man my booth for the whole day.

As you can see, the sun did eventually shine and the day was not a total bummer. I had a really good time and I was glad I got as much business as I did. I ended up making over $250 but I didn't even sell half of my inventory. I am thinking I will do it again now that I don't have to stress and make anything else next time. We'll see. But if you still need a Hairbloom, there are plenty available.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sandy Stockings

This morning, we were able to go to church for the first time in a month! Claire got sick again after the last Mops meeting but she is finally over it and the best part is she didn't give it to me or Josh.

She got to wear her new outfit I had refashioned for her out of her friend Keyara's corduroy jumper. I am not a huge fan of jumpers on Claire, they make her look squatty and like a little baby again - So, I turned it into a big girl skirt instead.Her hair has been doing this weird flip-roll in the back for quite somtime now.People tell me it is cute - but all I see is this.
I had no intention of going to the park in her church clothes but when we walked by the slide she wanted to play so badly. She was such a good girl in church that I couldn't say no. You only live once.

She loves to go up and down the steep steps
and keeps busy by hauling rocks up so she can drop them down the slides.She's still a little uncomfortable going down the slide by herselfand she wants so very badly to be able to climb up the slide instead of using the steps.I think it will be a few years before that is possible.
I don't know how she got that scratch on her nose or when she did it. It looks self-inflicted though so the cat is off the hook.
Claire always says bye to the slides when we leave. I found that if we say 'bye' to something, it makes it easier for her to accept the fact that we are leaving.

Bye slides! Time to go put Claire's clothes in the wash.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Town Parade

Yesterday was the famous "Laveen Parade". Josh and I have gone several times except for last year - we didn't make it because Claire was too little to enjoy it. This year, she had a good time! Sara and her friend came too and sat with us so that made Claire happy as well.
Before the parade started, a horse walked by and we told Claire to wave at it. We said "Hi Horse!" Then when it was gone Claire said "More?" We knew then that she would like it.
The typical elderly cars with elderly people. There were many many of these.
This one caught Claire's attention. That's Kohl - a guy in the youth group. Claire loves him and always hugs him when he is around.
She set up camp on Dadda's lap.
But eventually scraped together enough courage to stand up and wave occasionally.
Every year there are Shriners in their miniature cars. But this year there were a ton and it got very dull after 30 minutes of nothing but the Shriners.

There were synchronized motorcyclists - that was pretty cool. That is when Josh and I decided that the parade improved greatly this year. In previous years, it seemed like if you owned a horse, an old car or a bike you could be in the parade. Nope, this year was much cooler.
The miniature horses went by and one came up to see Claire.We forced her to pet it.What is coming next? Do they have candy too?
Brooks Orthodontics came next and they gave her something...but not candy.
The ever popular Vee Quiva casino came by and gave Claire some Mardi Gras beads. They were a hit.
Checking them out.
The parade kept going and going and it was way past nap time for Claire so we left just before it ended. Bye parade! See you next year!