Friday, February 6, 2015

February in Arizona

 This week we went to RiverView Park in Mesa with my mom.   We had a picnic lunch and Paige enjoyed the short picnic tables made just for kids.   I enjoyed not worrying about her falling off the bench.

Claire LOVED the zip line and spent quite a while zipping back and forth.
Claire and Joy like the disc swing but Paige will NOT stand for any of it.

Paige's favorite thing at this park is the cement slide. 
 Joy likes it too. 
 The whole design of this slide is absurd.  There are no steps of any kind leading to the top so young children have to scale loose rock up a pretty steep slope to get to the top. 
  Tiny rock avalanches cause them to slip and fall and unless they are very determined or have a lot of help they'll never make it.   Then all their hard work is rewarded by a slow, high-friction ride down hot cement.   
Look how fun it is though!

The best part of this park (at least to Claire) is the 50ft climber.  
She was very brave and went as high as she was physically able. The ropes get too far apart for her to reach at the top.   I went to the top and it was quite difficult and unnerving.
 It would have helped if I had both my hands at full strength though.

View from the top

There are other, smaller climbers
that are pretty fun.   Joy is just now starting to like these types of things.  

 After a while we were all HOT.   We decided to let the girls take off their shirts and play in the splash pad.

They were so excited.   Paige loved it!

 Even Joy warmed up to it after awhile.

 Poor Paige was tuckered out after all the excitement. 

 A little more climbing and relaxing in the shade and we called it a day.