Sunday, November 30, 2014


We had a fun filled Thanksgiving this year.   On Thanksgiving day we went to Josh's parents house and spent the day watching movies, eating, roasting marshmallows be the fire and playing at the park after dark.   We had a really fun time but I only had my little camera which doesn't do too well in low light so I don't have pics:( We had a family photo shoot last month though so here are a couple of my favorites:)

This year Rachel's family came out from Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving and to stay for Rachel's baby shower this weekend.  So even though we were missing some family from Tucson, we gained a few more people:)

The kitchen help.
The adult table.

First year having a kids table.

 Claire was not feeling too great on Thanksgiving and when we got together with my family (2 days after) she was REALLY sick and pretty much laid on the couch and cried most of the time.
After eating we all went outside and Claire felt better for a little while and played.

Johnsons and Coots (Rachel got a bad deal on the name change)

 My pregnant sisters-in-law. Rachel is due mid-January and Michelle in mid-February.
 The kids love Emily

The engaged couple!  
We are SO happy to have Jason join the family.

 It was a good Thanksgiving!  We were sad for Claire though that she was so sick most of the time.

 Next year we will be adding 2 new little ones to the group!