Friday, November 15, 2013

To the Farm Again

Earlier this month we all went to Vertuccio Farms. It's only 10 minutes from our house!  What a fun place it is!  And the best part is that it is never crowded.  (Although, we have only gone on the last day of the season so maybe that has something to do with it.)

This year they added these huge slides.  They were seriously fast!
(Joy would only go down on my lap.)
The girls milked the fake cow,
played duck races,
and rode the bike racers.

But their favorite thing to do there is jump.
and Paige was an angel the whole time!
Both times we have gone we've had so much fun!  It will definitely become an annual event.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Earlier this week we did our annual caramel apple pictures at my mom's house.  None of the pictures really turned out, someone always looks terrible.

It's probably not very practical to give your kids caramel apples and expect them to be photogenic.

Later, we carved our pumpkin.  Joy found her courage after a little while of crying and saying "NO no! Yucky!" and stuck her little hand in to help pull out the guts.
Claire drew the face for Dadda to cut out, Joy was ready for bed apparently.

This year our costumes were cheap and easy.  My sewing machine broke about 4 months ago and has been deemed "unrepairable", so we found everything at Goodwill. Even though I didn't have my creative fun making them, I am still pretty pleased with them.

So here they are.

Claire the mermaid.

Claire's needed a bit of adjusting and adding of tulle but I really love the way the flare at the bottom looks like a fin and gives her plenty of leg room to run and jump and be her crazy little self.

Joy.  The Chicken Farmer

Oh my goodness.  My mom was with me when I found this costume and we were literally dying with laughter in Goodwill.

Joy HATES trying on costumes but for some reason she let us put this one on her and didn't seem to mind it too much.  When she sees herself in a mirror she is totally confused.

You can't fully appreciate this costume until you see it in action, so here you go.

and Paige.  The Banana

I so wanted to find her a caterpillar costume ever since a stranger told me she looked like the caterpillar from Bug's Life, but caterpillar costumes are hard to come by.  So, alas, she was a banana because it fit and it was $3.99.

You can see the disgust in her eyes.

We went trick or treating around the neighborhood and then went to church for the Harvest carnival.

We had a lot of fun!