Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Joy Post

Just a quick post about Joy....just because.

I mentioned before that for Christmas she wanted was a purple dress.
Nana and Poppy got her this adorable one and she loves to wear it.  
Last Sunday was the first time wearing it that she didn't have to hide it under a jacket or sweater.

She says "Sometimes I get shy when people tell me my dress is pretty, but I say thank you anyway."

Joy knows her birthday is after Claire's but she routinely tells people she is almost 5.

She LOVES to do schoolwork but has not officially started.  (Which is why she can't wait to be 5)  She has learned all her ABC's and the sounds they make and is pretty good with her numbers.  She sits in when Claire does special science activities and enjoys that.   We are doing a small study unit on the planets and she feels so sorry for Pluto since "he is not a planet anymore -  but that's okay because he has other dwarf planet friends".

We recently reconfigured our car seat arrangement to make room for the baby.   I tried to teach her how to unbuckle herself since she'll be in the far back corner of the van. This girl has zero hand strength!  Those carseat buttons are so hard though.   I found this nifty tool online to help bigger littles unbuckle themselves. 
What a lifesaver!  I highly recommend it. She is so proud that she can get out of her seat without help - and trust me, so am I.

 Claire and Joy are both so excited that the baby will hopefully be coming next week.  They are both going to be there for the birth and they can't wait to see him come out.  We have spent some time learning how this happens and watching some birth videos.  Claire watched when Paige was born and it was so fun.  Joy and I want to name the baby the same thing but Dadda is not quite sold on it.   He and Claire have different ideas so far.