Friday, March 29, 2013

Kool Aid Eggs

 After dyeing eggs last year, I swore to myself that we would try a different technique next time.  I
HATE those cheapo PAAS boxes!
This year we gave the kool-aid egg dyeing a try.
It sure smelled a lot better.
Joy was all about dunking her egg.  She got a little overenthusiastic at times but her eggs didn't break.

Here is Claire telling her she is doing it wrong.

 Claire preferred the "big girl way" of dunking her eggs.
 They turned out pretty well!  Better than PAAS but still not as good as it could be.  The blue definitely was the worst as far as blotchiness and speckling goes.
After last year we also came to the conclusion that dyeing eggs is boring.  Claire wants to paint them with a brush since that is the way shown in any child's book that has anything to do with Easter eggs.
 So we gave it a try.  We just used tempera paints.

 I love how Joy is so serious when doing projects. We gave her a paper to paint on after her egg was done.
 Claire was very pleased with her eggs when she was done.   It was much more fun this way!