Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beach Trip - Take One

Our first day at the beach was pretty fun, it was warm both in the water and on the sand which is very important to me. Getting to the beach is a little tricky. I forgot to bring my wrap or infantino backpack so we had to carry Claire on top of a cooler, beach chairs, umbrella, towels, snack and other various paraphenalia required by Claire. The beach isn't far from our condo but to get to the beach you have to go down the "stairs of death". It's three flights of wet, slippery, and sandy steps.

We made it down safely and set up or spot. Grandpa took Claire in water. She didn't seem too afraid at first but after she tried to walk in it herself, she decided it was safer to hang on to someone at all times.
She would get upset when someone she knew would go out into the water. She would yell at them and chase them into the ocean but only until the next little wave came and she would run back.
I caught a few sand crabs for Claire and she would hold them and take them up the beach to show Grandma.Then we let her get a break from the water and she played in the sand, climbed on the chairs, giggled with Grandma, and did some snuggling. Much to our dismay, she would NOT take a nap on the beach. She didn't want to miss anything I guess. She just continued to crawl all over everybody with sandy feet and she gave us all our fair share of cuddle time. We encouraged her to play in the sand instead of on us. It took her awhile to get used to the fact that she could get dirty in the sand. After she realized it she had a great time.
We then suffered through the dreaded last rinse off in the ocean and made our way back home. The little buggar still wouldn't take a nap and dadda had to snuggle with her until she fell asleep. She has a hard time going to bed in strange houses. She also has a hard time staying asleep - we've been up since 5:45am with her and all she wants to do is find her favorite person of the day - Grandma. (it changes often) Hopefully she will nap today because Josh and I are exhausted from her.

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