Thursday, October 23, 2014

Annual Autumn Apples

It is finally fall!
 It's that time again for our annual caramel apple picture.  
This year Paige was able to be a part of it. 
 She approves of the tradition.

Later, the girls wanted to ride bikes
 so we loaded up on our mosquito repellant and headed outside.

 Claire is such a good big sister now days.

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Enjoying the Cool

We went out to enjoy the cool this evening. We haven't been able to ride bikes in months.

I can't believe how grown-up Paige looks!

It's all fun and games....
until it's someone else's turn....

Those chubby cheeks are scrumptious!
We were then driven back inside by the mosquitoes.  They love Paige's baby blood. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Paige woke up earlier than normal. This not only made my job of getting everyone ready for church by myself a bit harder, but she was soaking wet (jammies and all) and reeked of urine which meant she had to have a bath first thing - and a load of laundry later.

Then, just as I was putting on my necklace (the last step before walking out the door),  I turn around and see that Joy had found some scissors and decided to cut her hair.

I was SO mad.  Claire tried to be the mediator by saying "It's'll grow back, you know like Samson."  This did make me laugh, the way she said it.   I also realized right away that Joy could have cut it so much worse than she did. So we'll be thankful that she cut it long enough to pull back.  It used to drape under her chin so nicely though!

Then we finally get in the car and we are halfway out the neighborhood when Claire frantically informs me that she forgot to put panties on under her dress.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Camping - 6 girls 6 and under

I LOVE camping but I have only gone camping one time since Josh and I got married.  After the last time, when we went with Claire who was 2 years old, we thought it would be best to wait until she was old enough to actually do stuff on her own and have a sibling to play with while camping.
Each year since, we have had some valid reason to not go - usually that reason was in the form of a small, infant, child full of wrath and fury.

Well, this year, my good friend Jenni (who is an expert at camping with small children) suggested that our two families go on a camping trip together and we made it work!  We Josh skillfully packed our van and headed up to the rim.

I was nervous.  I am still scarred from past experiences with Paige and was afraid of how she would be.  The other two I knew would love it.

The bigger girls spent hours each day riding down the hills of the campground on their bikes and scooters.

 Luckily, we were one of the only people in the entire campground so we didn't have to worry about them bothering any neighbors.

They'd come speeding down (Claire usually screaming) and then make the long trudge back up to the top over and over and over again.

 Paige so badly wanted to join them.

They spent the rest of their time playing in the dirt. I had no idea my girls were capable of playing with one thing for so long.
They mostly made cakes.

Claire's cake.

The babies were a little trickier to keep happy.  Poor Paige absolutely loved being outdoors in the cool but she kept tripping and falling.
Being the 3rd girl to wear these tennis shoes, the velcro was giving out so we had to duct tape them on her feet. It was hilarious.

She could not take more than 5 steps with out completely doing a belly flop in the dirt.  She was in good spirits though and rarely cried after a fall.

Her buddy Quincy could only crawl.

 She also ate carrots and rocks which Paige couldn't understand.
At meal times they would bother each other and steal each others' food.

One of the days we hiked a little ways to see if there were any raspberries to pick at a sink hole that Jenni's husband knew about.

The girls were excited to find some but there weren't many.

The next day we went to the good old fish hatchery we picked lots of blackberries and the dads were able to knock down some apples.

The fish hatchery itself was thrilling as always.  They men working there were dumping fish in a bucket, weighing them, and then counting how many fish were in the bucket.  The girls liked seeing the fish.

 The last day it was really rainy and Joy was super scared because there were occasional claps of thunder.  It was exciting and luckily didn't last too long.

Overall, it was a great trip.  All of the girls did really well and had a blast.  We plan to go camping a lot next year.  Paige will be almost 2 and easier to handle and out of a pack n play. We won't have a baby to bog us down until the following year probably.  We'd like to go with the Jacks again one of the times.  Camping with friends is great!

 Claire was so depressed to go home,  I had to remind her what a lucky girl she is as we have really had an eventful summer!  Disneyland, kid's camp, the beach and now camping.  We are all vacationed out! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

To The Beach!

A few weeks ago I was running so I was feeling good, spontaneuos, and in control of my life, so I thought "We should go to the beach this weekend". This weekend, meaning 4 days from that thought.  So I ran home and told Josh my idea which was all planned out in my head (cause that's how I roll) and of course he was excited, who turns down a trip to the beach? 

I made some hotwire hotel reservations and a few days later we were on our way!  Paige had a fever for a few days leading up to the trip but I didn't think anything of it, obviously it would be gone by the time we left.
 Since it was just a 2 night trip, we wanted to not lose the whole first day in travel so we awoke everyone really early and left for Carlsbad.  The girls are great travelers, no crying, screaming complaining, even Paige was good!  She still had her fever but she was acting okay.

Claire LOVED the beach.  She was so brave this time!  What a difference 2 years makes!
  She was out boogie boarding every moment that Josh was able to go with her and watch her.
She dug for crabs,

dug holes and found some brittle fish with Dadda.

 It was so fun to have a child that it is old enough to actually enjoy and appreciate the trip.

 Joy liked it but was afraid of the ocean for the first 2 days.
She spent her time on the shore. 

Her favorite thing to do was walk to the jetty and jump on top of all the rocks.  To the end and back, over and over and over again.

When she got tired around her normal nap time, she would go in the little sun tent behind our chairs and fall asleep.

I got sick of the whining about water the last day and forced her to stand in up to her knees.  There was crying and frantic attemps of escape but after about 10 minutes she started to like it and then decided the ocean was fun.

 Paige, Little Paige who we thought would have a good time because she loves water and she loves to be outside was still sick.  The first 2 days all she did was scream and nurse.  She was almost weaned before this trip but not anymore!  She literally nursed, and slept under a towel with me holding her for 98% of the day.  The other 2% was her making an appearance from under the towel to scream and fall in the sand.

 This went on for the first 2 days.  The second day she broke out in a terrible rash and was even more cranky. looks at those legs!

And let me just say that the 2 nights in the hotel room were so terrible that I was SO close to telling Josh we needed to just go home at 2:30 in the morning.  But we endured and thankfully we did because the last day her rash started to go away and she was a little happier.
 She played in the sand.

 ate solid food,

 and was overall pretty good. 
 The last day of the trip certainly redeemed it.  We stayed longer than we should have because everyone was having such a great time.

Josh has the amazing skill of being able to stay awake when driving at night (which I do not) so he drove home and we got back close to midnight.  Phew!  It was a memorable trip!