Friday, May 27, 2016

Staycation at Nana's

This past week has been a lot of fun for me and the girls.   Josh had to go out of town for a few days so we spent 4 nights over at my parent's house - just for fun.   We kept busy thrift-storing, swimming, going to Ikea (on Tuesday cause kids eat free!) and we drove up to Anthem to watch cousins TJ and Josiah.  
 My brother, Steve, kept our old Nintendo that we got from Santa when I was 10.  He taught TJ how to play it and Tj showed my girls. 
 Oh my goodness, Claire is hooked.  As a former, expert of Mario 3, I can tell you that watching a first timer play is torturous.  

My mom and I took all the kids to a little park nearby - thank goodness for double strollers!  The weather was warm but amazing considering it is the end of May.

 Claire was a little bored.  She is quite a bit older than everyone else.  
We had a 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old..... and almost 8 year old Claire.

We ate lunch and mostly the kids complained that they wanted to go home to play more Nintendo.  Sheesh.
When we were packing up an inch worm blew out of a tree and landed on Jack.  We had fun watching it move.  So weird!

 On the way home from Anthem my van got a flat tire.  Praise the Lord that it happened just a few miles from home and not way up in the Boonies.  We were able to safely get off the freeway before it went completely flat so that is a bonus.  Regrettably I had never learned to change a tire so we had to call my dad who also was close by.  I watched carefully and am confident that I can do it next time, it is way easier than I imagined it would be.  Next on my list of things to learn is how to jump-start my van. I drive long distances and have 4 little kids, I need to be self-reliant.

The next day I was able to get a new tire and wait for it while my mom stayed with all the kids. 
 Then I picked up cousin Norah and she brought her over for another day of cousin time.   
We again went to the park.
 ate lunch and looked at the ducks.

 Jack doesn't really like the stroller - especially if he is tired and needs to sleep.  He can ONLY sleep on his tummy.  I tried laying him down like this and within seconds he went from screaming to completely out.
So sweet. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Poor Jack - Lip Tie

Poor Jack.

He has had a rough first two months.

When he was born Josh and I noticed right away that he was tongue tied.   Claire and Paige were also tongue tied so we knew to look for it.  The hospital never checks for that which is annoying.  It was a really bad tie so thankfully when the Dr. was doing his circumcision, she also cut his tongue.  No big deal.

After so long of him eating every two hours my sister-in-law suggested that maybe he was lip-tied.  Sure enough he was and it was a pretty bad one.  This isn't him but this is what his mouth looked like.
Seriously, can we not have a kid without mouth malformations?
So we made an appt with a pediatric dentist (cause you know, I was hoping to throw another $300 out the window) and they performed "laser surgery" on it. I have a hard time calling it surgery because it took all of ten minutes and he was awake the whole time.

He did great and was a little cranky that evening.  I was surprised how large the "cut" is in his mouth.  The white triangle shape is all healing mouth flesh.   Ouch. I have to be careful when I hold him up on my shoulder because he loves to lift his head up and look around and bob it all over the place - however, when his neck muscles give out, he face-plants onto my shoulder bone, hitting him right in the mouth and he screams.

6 times a day we have to stretch his lip up to keep it from growing back together and rub coconut oil on it.  This is a super fun activity that always ends in ear splitting screams.

Now, the day he had his surgery I also for some reason decided to try eating dairy again - the first time in 5 months.  I had Costco pizza... so good. Well that evening he was extra fussy but we thought it was because of his lip.  Three days went by of him being absolutely horrible, fussing, crying, and not sleeping which we were still not sure if it was the lip or dairy. It wasn't until he started spitting up constantly with lots of projectile vomiting that I knew it was from the dairy.  His poops were green too which apparently is a pretty good sign of dairy problems. 

This is him thinking about how much his tummy and mouth hurt
and how mad he is that he has to wear such an uncomfortable shirt.

I immediately swore off dairy once again and after 2 days he is back to his good old self.  Except now he is smiling finally!  

I am smiling too because he has been only waking me up once in middle of the night.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Picnic Dinner

This weekend Josh was gone in the evening so I took the kids (first time I have had to write that instead of girls) to Tumbleweed park to play and have a picnic dinner.   
We got there at 6pm and no one else was there,  it was so wonderful.  
It is so beautiful that time of day.

The girls rode their scooters, 

played on the playground and zipline

and we had our fancy dinner of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Jack was so good!  He barely fussed even though it was that time of the day.

He mostly watched his big sisters.

 He did try swinging and seemed to like it.

Everyone was having so much fun we stayed long after the sun went down. 
 It was a lovely time I don't want to forget.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

All about Jack

Jack is 7 weeks old!   We love this little guy! 
He has been our best baby yet....BUT, he is still pretty high need.  Ugh! Newborns are so..... worthless.  There is no other creature on earth that is as helpless and high need at birth than humans - and the helplessness lasts for SO long!

Jack is generally easy going but he gets really gassy and fussy at night around the time I need to be making dinner.  With the girls we tried SO MANY different colic or anti gas medicines and none of them worked but when I heard good things about this...

 I realized we hadn't tried it yet (probably because it is $20 a bottle)  but it actually works!  He loves the taste and immediately calms down to take it.  He feels so much better afterward. ... no more screaming.  It is kind of gross to give to him because it is black - it has charcoal in it.  It leaves a nice black residue on his lips and his diapers are....interesting. 

The poor little guy is not very blessed in the looks department right now.  Maybe you think that is mean for a mother to say about her own child but hey, I am just being honest.  I am not so blinded by love that I am oblivious to the fact that he is not good looking.   But that's okay, we love him anyway and take comfort in the fact that his sisters were not that great looking newborns either and they turned out okay.

 Claire - 
In fact he is the spitting image of Claire - who also knows the cold, hard fact that she was our ugliest baby.

 Joy (she was by far the prettiest)
Paige (and the fattest)
(okay to be fair those are the ugliest ones I could find)

Jack is getting pretty hefty himself,  he weighs 11lbs already!  
 This is probably due to the fact that he eats every two hours around the clock.  (sometimes an hour and a half!)  We just discovered that he is lip-tied so I am hoping that after that is taken care of next week he will eat better at one time and I can actually sleep at night.

He falls asleep easily though!  I set him down to help Paige in the play room and he was happy so I left him there.  A few minutes later I checked on him and he was fast asleep.

The girls still adore him and Claire has earned the title of "Baby Whisperer".  She can get him to stop crying when no one else can.  They have a special bond. 
   He knows she will sing to him anytime and he likes that.

Last weekend our church gave us a baby shower.
(mom dripped water on his shoulder. when doing his hair.)

It was wonderful!  (no games!)

Look! There are no pink decorations!

 Jack and I really enjoyed it and we were showered with love and many gifts.
  We feel so blessed and at home at Hillside.

We sure do love this little guy!  And he IS getting cuter already.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zoo Day

 Last week we went to the zoo with Grandma and Aunt Shelbe.  They gave us a Zoo membership for Christmas but between back to back sicknesses and Jack we haven't made it out there until now.  
We chose a beautiful day though!  We were actually chilly sometimes. Unfortunately everyone else in the state thought so too - it was pretty crowded. The animals also thought it was nice out and we actually got to see most of them.
 We happened to be in the orangutan exhibit when the zoo workers came to feed and make the apes do tricks.  Many people were excited by this, I watched in disgust.  For those of you who do not know yet, I ABHOR monkeys (or apes) of any kind.  My hatred towards them has rubbed off on the girls.  We have a baby book with a picture of some kind of ape on it and whenever Paige gets to that part she says "Ugh! Yuck!" and turns the page really fast.
 They are quite possible the most offensive mammals to ever walk the planet.

 Jack was so good on our trip.  He rode in the stroller most of the time 
and occasionally was held and fed. 
Sometimes I felt like he was an exhibit at the zoo.  So many people would walk by and exclaim "Look at the baby! He is so little!"   

I am proud of myself... I actually got some frontal group shots.  Most of the time at the zoo we come home with a bunch of pictures like this.
 Because it was so nice out, we spent 6 hours at the zoo.  6 HOURS!  With four little kids!  It was so lovely and enjoyable.  Paige was awesome - until she bumped her head right when we decided to take pictures but as you can see you tried her best to recover.
 Playing in the farm area.

Grandma spoiled them with various treats. Yum!

I will do my best to make it to the zoo often this year since we have our membership.  Next time I think it will be hot enough to bring our swimsuits and try out the splash pads. 
Thanks Grandma and Shelbe for a fun filled day!