Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun with Friends

On Thursday, we went to visit our friends the Cowells. They live about an hour north of where we are staying but it was worth the drive. We took the kids to Newport beach which turned out
to be not such a great idea. The beach is totally different than where we are. The waves were so strong ans big and the water was at least 30 degrees colder than San Diego. The kids wanted to play in the water but it was too dangerous to let them go out on their own at all.
We only stayed a little over an hour because everyone was ready for a nap. Once back at their house the twins went down right away but Claire and Eszter stayed up for a bit longer and played. Eszter is the only little girl that made me hopeful when I found out Claire was a girl. She is such a sweety and very very smart.
Claire saw Sophie pushing her baby stroller around so after she went to bed Claire tried it out. She pushed it around for a looooong time.

After diner, we went to Balboa Island to walk around andtake in the beautiful scenery and be flabergasted at how rich the people are who live there. The full moon was rising as we walked.

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