Friday, August 28, 2009

Alternative to Fabric Stores

I really enjoy making dresses for Claire but I found a few downsides to making them.
1. The patterns are all too big for Claire right now. I made the smallest size and MAYBE it will fit her next summer.
2. The fabric you buy in stores is not the same as regular dresses you buy. It can be cute - but sometimes you don't want a dress that is obviously homemade.
3. Fabric is expensive!! The dresses I made Claire in the past both cost close to $16 when all was said and done, making them the most expensive clothing items Claire owns.

I had this great idea the other day when I was at my favorite Swift Thrift. Every Thursday is dollar day on a certain color tag. So not only did I find a bunch of nice clothes for Claire... Every item shown cost $1 and is either Gap, Old Navy, or Child's Place.

But I also picked up this skirt. It is a Tommy Hilfiger. It was $1. Size 6.
(The bigger the better. This was hard to work with.)
Then I strategically used the skirts best qualities and cut it like this
and a very short while later.... Voila!
Claire doesn't pose well..
and the back...I have two more items ready to turn into dresses. I like this because each one will be different depending on what the clothing item has to offer. I also like this because it was a fun, inventive and inexpensive way to sew.

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