Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Christmas Gift of the Season

I have had great luck with thrift stores lately. Probably because it's been a while since I've been visiting them regularly. This week I found this at Savers.My first thought was, "I can probably resell that since it is in perfect shape" (it has never been used, the absence of scratches on the bottom gives it away.) Claire starting pointing to it and making her annoying "eh eh eh" sound (still no words) and so I let her try it out. As I set her on it, I realized that I had hit an all time low. A few months ago, I remember complaining to my mom about how all the kids in the thrift stores play with the toys and carry them around and how gross that is. Anyways, Claire LOVED the horse, it rocks on the blue "rockers" and the black elastic/rubber cords make the horse bounce so she was having a great time on it. I looked at the price and it was $12.99 but I quickly remembered that I had a $3 off coupon in my purse. I decided my little Claire must have this since it brings joy to her precious heart but as I was checking out, I became guilty and aware of the fact that we buy Claire things (as long as they are cheap) all the time and that she gets pretty much whatever she wants. For example this $3 dollar baby doll stroller purchased at the same Savers less than a week ago. (which she is in love with and it keeps her busy for hours pushing it around the kitchen and running over my feet while I cook) Or, this Classic Pooh Jack-In-The -Box (which we saw in California for $20 but we got this for $2 yesterday)SO, I justified the purchase by making it her Christmas gift which she will love to find near her stocking on Christmas morning and it will look impressive in pictures so she will be excited for Santa to come the following year. (yes, we are going to lie to our children.) It is stored in the garage until then.

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