Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sand Everywhere

Well, we finally found a solution to Claire's sleeping issues. Think what you want about us but she is now sleeping in the closet. Her crib just barely fits and we leave the sliding door part way open and have the fan going to make sure there is air flow. She has slept in there a couple of times now and has done great! We slept in til 6:30 this morning. Yay!

Here are the highlights from yesterday's beach trip.

Claire played in the ocean with Dadda.

They looked for rocks.Claire was happy with the rock she found.No matter how often we clean her hands, it is utterly useless. Here she is eating a fishy she dropped in the sand.
Claire played in the sand but we didn't build anything.

Claire met some little friends who were sitting next to us. They were twin boys and they were funny to watch. They were probably a few months older than Claire. ( I put this picture up mostly to show Claire's huge round belly. We thought is was hilarious)
I showed the kids some sand crabs and they were freaked out by them but very interested.We took the crabs down to the shore to let them go and we said "bye bugs" about 300 times.

Then they took turns pulling Claire around on the boogie board which ended badly as you can imagine.

Then Claire played in a big hole they dug and had a great time.

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