Friday, August 7, 2009

Seaport Village

Tuesday, we went to Seaport Village in San Diego to look around at the shops and have a break from the beach. We thought we should go after Claire's morning nap which by some twisted miracle lasted until 1pm - when I woke her up. We got lost on the way thanks to mapquest and California freeways are completely absurd. We missed our exit so you'd think you could get off at the next, get back on the freeway in the opposite direction and get off where you needed, but NO.
We ended up getting there and out of the car at 3pm. We walked around and looked in some the the stores. It is such a pretty area and they had some really fun things there. We couldn't enjoy them very much though because Claire decided after a short while that it was time for her nap again. We made the most of the time though and got a few fun things in. We looked at the boats that sailed by in the harbor and Claire waved "hello" to them. Apparently, she was telling this boat that she is "1".

She loved touching the water in the fountains that were there.
We saw a man with a bunch of birds sitting in the lawn area for people to hold and get their picture taken with. Claire really wanted to see the birds but she didn't really like them ON her.

Then we took her on a Carousel which she really enjoyed. I can't remember the last time I was on one but this one went way faster and longer than I thought it would. It was hard to get her to look out at where Dadda was taking the pictures. She wanted to look towards the inside and look at the lights and mirrors. While we were leaving we saw a mommy duck with her babies. It is hard for Claire to understand that they were ducks because all her young life she has been fooled into believing (thanks to ALL childrens books) that ducks are yellow. Have you ever seen a yellow duck? I haven't.

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