Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach Trip - Take Two

Our second day at the beach was a bit more fun than the first. Claire was much more brave in the ocean and would actually go in without clinging to someone for dear life. She liked to pick up rocks and throw them into the incoming waves.
Here it comes!

Run away! Run Away!
We remembered to bring the sand toys this time so I made Claire a little fortress. She wasn't a big help during the construction but she had a good time tearing it apart.
Claire and I went looking for sandcrabs or as she knows them, "bugs". She was very interested in the catching process.She held them at first but then she must have gotten freaked out by them because all of a sudden they were disgusting and she would touch it with her finger and pull it back really fast and scream.
Shelbe was probably the favorite on the beach. Claire liked to sit on her face as she was laying out and they gave each other high fives.
It was a fun day on the beach and even more fun knowing our week is just beggining. Poor Josh isn't in any of these pictures because he is the one taking them all. He really was there, I promise. I will try to get a few of him next time.

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