Monday, July 22, 2013

Sesame Street Exhibit = Bummer in the Summer

 Last week we used our summer pass to the science museum again.  This time the Sesame Street Body exhibit was open and we had the free tickets from the deal I bought so we were excited to check it out.  What a let down.

It was cute to look at but that's about it. 
The first station we came to was this one about feet.
You can imagine the thrill it was to lift up an extremely heavy wood door to see the word LONG underneath.  Whoopie!  I expected there to be something to touch and feel or a sound or SOMETHING.

Next there was a pretend grocery store in which everything was stuck to the shelves and the cash register didn't open or do anything.  There was a few pieces of fabric fruit floating around but nothing to do with it.  I didn't take any pictures because there was nothing to take pictures of.

Next, this station went through the different organs and their functions.  So, you push and pull on the lever and the heart makes a beating sound.  That is it.  The lung part actually inflated and deflated so I guess that was good.  I don't know, we found it extremely boring and lame.

On to the next station.  A pretend sink.  Everything stuck down, nothing to do but look and watch an Elmo's world portion about washing hands.  What fun!  You can tell how impressed Joy is by her expression.

The one thing we actually spent time at was this somewhat interactive board where the path you were on would light up as you ran, wheeled in the wheel chair or rowed a boat.

 The museum was having a bubble time for members that we go to go to but it was equally as disappointing. 
The ONLY bubble wand that worked was this one.  And we waited a long time for it to be Claire's turn to use it.
All the rest did nothing.  Seriously, could they not get a few more that actually worked?

Joy just ate bubble solution and washed her hands most of the time.

Claire did make a bubble cube - it has some fancy name but I can't find it anywhere on the internet.

My mom and I left thinking "Who actually comes up with the exhibits and who designs them?" Obviously people who although they may have an childhood education degree, don't have children.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Morning Ritual

Every morning when Josh leaves for the work, the girls have to run along side his car and wave until he is out sight.

Claire likes to "race" and beat him to the end of our yard.  Poor Joy is not as fast so she runs and waves wildly while shouting "Bye bye Dadda!"

I love to have these little ones, it's the sweet little things like this that will make the best memories. I can't help but feel happy and smile as I watch each time - until Claire runs back to me and says in a I'm-bored-already voice "What are we going to do today?" And then our day begins.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poop - Location Matters

Potty Training complete!
Joy has exceeded my expectations in the potty training department.

I am starting to second guess the horror stories I have heard all my life about potty training children.  Maybe people just aren't doing it right?  Maybe I am just lucky?

I picked up some Hello Kitty panties for Joy and she LOVED them.  We made a big deal about not getting her new, big girl, kitty panties wet.  She went all day without an accident in them.  She is even able to get them off and on by herself!  (something Claire didn't master for months)

For the first few days, I put her to bed naked as sometimes she has a little trouble maneuvering the panties off and I didn't want her to have to worry/deal with that in the dark in middle of the night.  I put the potty in middle of the floor with a box of tissues.  Told her to go potty in the toilet - NOT the bed. (I put a plastic mattress cover on just in case - I was unsure whether she was peeing in her sleep or if she actually woke up during the process)   The next morning she was proud to show me her full little potty and dry bed.  Later on, she started wetting the bed sometimes so I got some pull-ups for her to wear at night time.  I am not very concerned about this - I know that it is because she drinks so much water and we try to limit it but this girl has a thirst like no other.

Earlier this week, I put her to bed and woke this morning to the lovely aroma of poop filling the room.  I crossed my fingers hoping that the poop (diarrhea) was in the toilet, not the bed or floor.  Sure enough!  It was in the toilet!  Did you know that your perception of the smell of poop is different depending on the poop's location? That morning, in that location, I have never been so happy to smell that smell.       

We have had to run a few errands here and there throughout the week.  We take the potty with us and Joy goes in it in the car before and after we go in the store.  She has used a regular toilet with me holding her on it and even made it through a 45 minutes puppet show without a problem. Unfortunately, you can't practice the going out part.  You just have to go for it - and pack a towel and extra shorts just in case.

I am sure we will have accidents here and there.  It can only be expected, but man, am I glad to get rid of those honkin, huge, size 3 diapers.  When you have a sweet, little newborn bottom to change, a toddler bottom becomes nauseating.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paige's First Swim

Paige is 12 days old today!  She weighs 7.5 pounds - up a whole pound in one week! Her belly button cord finally fell off yesterday so today she went for her first swim!  She complained at first but then settled down while Nana was holding her.

Looking at her biggest sister.

Here we all are! The four of us girls.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sewing For Claire

 I haven't sewed very much since moving, but for some reason I got the urge to finally make something out of this top that I've had stashed away in my pile for years. 
I worked on it off and on all day between Joy's potty breaks and nursing Paige and various other things that came up.  

Claire was excited.  It helps that it is her favorite color.
 The shirring was already on the back of the original shirt.  Yay! Easy.
 and what top would be complete without a matching bow?
 Someone is getting freckles!
 Thanks Claire for enduring this photo shoot.  
(she got an ant bite and you would have thought it was the end of the world.)
Unfortunately, as I was sewing the last strap on, my machine made a horrible metal clunking sound and definitely has something majorly wrong with the timing.  I have been wanting to have it serviced for a while but now I will have to get it looked at soon!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Potty Training!

I held off on potty training Joy before Paige was born because, well, for one thing she was too short to get on our little training potty!  Also, until about 6 weeks ago, she lacked much of a vocabulary and we weren't sure she would get it and be able to tell us when she needed to go.  All of a sudden, her vocabulary and personality just took off.  (Ever since her barfing sickness, it's like it reset her or something)  I know everyone will think "Oh!  That's because she's not on gluten or dairy!"  But no, we took her off that diet after 2 weeks  (the longest weeks of my life,) because there was no change in the diarrhea situation and when she started eating regular food again she stayed just as happy.   I also didn't want to potty train her right before the baby was born because I thought she was going to have major jealousy issues and regress.

Thankfully, she has taken on her big sister role like a champ and has had no problems with Paige -
except for that she wants to hold her all the time and is not quite as careful as she should be.

Since I don't want to take Paige out in the heat unless we HAVE to, we are kind of stuck at home so I decided this would be a good time to potty train Joy.  Plus, Paige is extremely low maintenance right now and I am off work til the 11th so I have the time.

To solve the potty being too high issue, I bought this wonderful little toilet.
 The Pottete Plus.  I actually found it at American Discount Foods for 6 bucks but I later discovered that many stores have them.  The toilet will be a godsend when we go to the park or church or
anywhere for that matter.  It folds up so nicely

and comes with the disposable bags. (grocery bags with a liner on the bottom.)
  At home we use the blue silicone liner and dump it each time.  It is a little too small but the other one is not really an option.

On day 1, getting her to do that first potty on the toilet was difficult, but after she finally did, Claire and I celebrated and passed out a potty candy.  She then thought she needed ALL of the potty candy and cried and was upset when she found out that she just got 1 each time.  She spent a long time trying to push potty out that wasn't there and was very frustrated.  After a few times she finally got the concept in its entirety and accepted it.  She is very motivated by that one little candy.

Yesterday she had about 14 successes and zero accidents.  She was naked all day so that helps.   I knew from experience with Claire that when you add panties to the mix, things get a little more difficult.   Today I put her in training panties and she hated them and had an accident.  My mom suggested letting her choose some panties that she likes so she chose out some Hello Kitty, big girl panties (from Claire's drawer) and has worn them all day without getting them dirty and she wants to keep them on.

(She even got up in middle of her Pooh movie to go)

She has also gone # 2 in the potty so that it good.  Now we just need to give her time to cement in the concept,  I suspect it will be a good 2 weeks before she is completely trained as that's what it took for Claire. She is doing so well at it so far. We are on our way!  Once you start there is no going back!