Friday, August 28, 2009

Product Reviews

My all time favorite baby item we have ever and will ever get.The BabySense Monitor. We got this for Claire when she was 3 months old and WOULD NOT sleep on her back. We tried everything for her but all she wanted was to be on her tummy. After much research, I decided on the HiSense Babysense V Monitor. It is a simple and safe system that detects your baby's breathing. The two sensors go under the crib mattress.And connect to the alarm box shown above. If the baby doesn't breathe or has slowed breathing for 20 seconds. The alarm goes off. It is very loud and shrill so you won't miss it. This system is VERY sensitive. We always had to make sure the fan and a/c vent weren't pointing at the crib or it would make the sensors think a baby was in it. This item cost $115 and worth every penny. I would spend twice as much on it if needed. It is a great quality and has had no problems for us.
Some people say it is too expensive but to me, $115 could save your baby's life. This product gets 5 stars.

The most ridiculous car seat EVER.

This Eddie Bauer carseat is horrible. It is the kind that grows with the child so that means we have it for years to come. Yay! (sarcasm) This is how happy Claire is every time we put her in this car seat. The buckles are metal so that right there is something to look out for. The shoulder strap is very hard to adjust and fit right.
Notice how her head is pushed way far forward by the head rest. That for some idiotic reason is not removable. She cannot sleep on roadtrips because her head has nowhere to fall but forward and it wakes her up. Lastly, the buckles are VERY hard to get undone. I'm pretty sure that if we ever fell into a lake or canal she would drown before I would be able to push the red button hard enough to get it to unlatch. This product gets 0 stars. It has no redeemable qualities.

This last item is an amazing idea that I can't believe I had never heard of before and I can't imagine why this isn't sold as a baby item. The car fan.This is clipped on to the back seat and blows on Claire as we drive. It can even oscillate if you want it to. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a simple on/off switch. I got this at Walmart for $9. Claire is much less sweaty and limp when I get her out of the car now. The car fan get 4 stars. (just because I don't like the way it mounts in the car and could be more sturdy)

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