Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oatmeal Braids

Claire's hair is finally long enough for braids! Well, sort of. This first one was a bang braid. She has the most obnoxious bang hairs that make a point right in middle of her forehead. Too short to reach the clip, too long to ignore. We just brush them to the side constantly. This braid helped keep them away.

When is she going to out grow that outfit!?!?
The next day we did french braids. She isn't very good at sitting still but I gave her some watermelon in her chair and that bought me just enough time to get them done. The sad thing is, the only reason they stayed in and held together somewhat, was because I didn't wash her hair the night before and she had oatmeal for breakfast. (she likes to take a bite, stick her hand in her mouth, and then rub either her eye, ear or hair.) It really is a fantastic mousse.

We are going crazy today at our house trying to get ready to leave for California tomorrow. We are leaving a day earlier than originally planned so that is super exciting. I am dreading the looooong drive with Claire though. Maybe she will surprise us and be good but I am planning on sitting in the back to entertain her the second half of the trip. *Joy*

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  1. you should take her to scholarship camp, get oatmeal all in her hair (and ears...), and then do cornrows. I am impressed with the french braids!