Friday, July 3, 2009

Cool Pool Day

This week Grandma Tracy took us to her gym (Lifetime) for a fun pool day. Lifetime has a zero grade pool with one of those mushroom things with water falling down, and a sprinkler area for the kids. We loaded Claire up with her all natural sunscreen (which worked very well I might add) and let her go in the water. She was unsure at first but then got pretty cocky and waded down so the water was at her chest. Other kids would swim by and make tiny waves and then she would get freaked out and hang on to one of us. She played with her ball. And looked at the little fountains bubbling up, and she played in the sprinkler area. Claire HATES water on her head though and she would cry and run whenever water got on her head or face. I think, “what a strange child I have” but then I realized she got this disorder from me. I can’t put my face in the shower stream or let water drip down me and into my eyes. It also makes my eyes water when I see people swimming and they come up straight out of the water with their hair stuck to there face and in their eyes. Ugh! I come up out of the water with my face up so my hair is behind me and off my forehead.

We made Claire go under water three times and each time was horrible for her. She will just have to get over it though.

She likes to point at the other kids.

"Don't make me get near that thing!"

We stayed at the pool for nearly 3 hours until Claire got too tired and cranky. It was a very fun day for all of us! Thank you Grandma!

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