Sunday, August 8, 2010

We Made it to Cali - and My Best Invention Yet

Well, we made it safely to California. We left at 10am and made it to Yuma by 1pm. We were proud that Claire didn't need to stop for a potty break. We took the new van, mostly because we had too much stuff to try to cram into the Sentra but it is also better for Claire to be able to see out the windows and the seats are higher, giving my back a more comfortable ride. Our goal was to keep Claire awake until after we ate lunch and then she could sleep after Yuma. She did so well! We listened to her Wee Sing Bible Songs Cd and she sang along, (her favorite is HO HO HO Hosanna) Every once in a while, she would get frustrated and start to whine. I broke out this magnetic board deal - another great thrift store find. She hadn't played with it before so it kept her busy for quite a while.
In Yuma, oh yes, the beautiful town of Yuma, we went to BK and got a few things off the value menu. Then we went to get gas for only $2.65! It took us 45 minutes from when we left BK to the time we got back on the freeway due to TERRIBLE construction - it was ridiculous. We also were among about 50 cars waiting to turn left at a light that never did turn green. What a mess. I'm glad Josh did the driving.

Claire fell asleep shortly after we got on the freeway and I was anxious to try out my new invention. As you may remember I often complain about her horrible carseat and how it pushes her head forward so she can't sleep soundly while her head is falling all over the place. SO in preparation for this trip I made her a Head Holder. It is just a piece of elastic with a fabric casing that stretches across her head to hold it up. I must say, I am so proud that it worked so well. She slept soundly for about 45 minutes (which is longer than she ever has slept in the car).

The rest of the way she just talked to herself and pointed out trucks and trains that she saw. She was so good. We could hardly believe it.

The beach condo is beautiful as always. Here is our room.And here is the closet we make Claire sleep in. It is like a small room so we put extra pillows around her bed so if she were to wake up in middle of the night she would be less likely to freak out. (We do leave the door open about a foot to let air and light in)

She slept soundly all night and came out by herself at 7am. We are definitely trying to enjoy this last vacation of "freedom" before we are held captive by a new baby.

Tomorrow, the beach!

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