Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Gross Zucchini Plant

I have had a little break from blogging - not because I really wanted to, but because somebody, (who shall remain nameless) pulled my camera photo card out of the computer and lost it at her Nana's house.

We still haven't found it but I just realized it has a plug-in cord that works to get photos off of it so we're back in business.

My garden this year was a flop - as are all my gardens but for some reason I am always hopeful each year. I decided I must come to terms with the fact that I am not discplined enough to take care of a garden and that growing a garden in Arizona is pretty much sure to fail anyway. The only plant that grew well was my zucchini. I had never planted one before so I was surprised how big it got and so quickly. I think I got maybe 3 good zucchinis off of it.

Here it is dying.
I didn't know the zucs got enormous overnight and are gross inside once they get too big. I let this one grow for a bit just to see how big it would get.The plant started looking bad and I didn't know why until I picked a zuc and found it covered in these gross bugs.I looked more closely to find that the plant is overrun with them and there are several leaves with eggs on them too.
I am completely repulsed by the plant now and told Josh to pull it out and throw it away next time he works on the yard. (because I am not touching it - that's for sure)

Our whole back yard has been neglected because of the heat and Josh's busy summer. We never go out this time of year so we kind of just close the curtains and pretend it's not there.

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  1. that is a ridiculously huge piece of squash. I like Claire's dress though!