Friday, August 27, 2010

Mini Series of Unfortunate Events

Lately, I have had trouble with my clumsiness. Don't get me wrong, even when my belly does not enter a room before I do, a day rarely goes by when I don't spill something, break something or my all time favorite, ram myself into a door jam, but the past few weeks I have had more than my average share of mishaps.

Last week, I quickly went out in the backyard to water our poor grass. No big deal, what could wrong? Well, we have one of those door lock sticks that only allows the door to open so far.I carelessly threw it up out of it's latch groove and went outside. As I was closing the door behind me, as to not let in the sweltering heat, I heard the bar fall. Oh NO.
This is how far the door opens when the bar is down.I have had this happen to me before, but when I am not pregnant (or breastfeeding) I can squeeze through there with out much problem. But obviously, I had no such luck this time. Believe me I tried. I began to wonder what I should do. I would have to jump the fence, which sounded great given the current condition of my midsection and back. But even if I did, the garage door is still broken (has been for a year) so the code won't work. I would have to hope the one and only neighbor I have talked to is home and I can use her phone to call Josh.
I spotted our shovel by the side of the house and since the head of it is angled I thought it might help me out. So there I was with the top half of my body inside the house, my bottom half outside, Wildly, swinging a heavy shovel at the bar trying to get it up and out of it's groove. Unfortunately, the bar fell under the groove so I was pretty sure there was no hope. I worked at it for a a very long time. I can only hope the neighbors weren't watching, since we are surrounded by two-stories. Finally, I hit it at the right angle and was able to dislodge it sideways. Hurray! Safe inside but very sweaty.

Then, yesterday, I was on one of my nesting streaks and it became very important to me to fix Claire's curtain even though it has been fine for the past 2 years. So I sewed loops on it, so it would hang better, sewed a blackout drape to the back of it so it keeps her room dark, and rehung the pink fabric the way it was intended to hang.

(I still need to hem it.) While doing this, I was standing on a chair, trying to find the center of the loooooong pink piece so my arms were spread out and I was trying to maneuver the fabric. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and heard a loud crack and crash. It was weird because I literally stood there for a few seconds trying to figure out what had happened. My arm had gotten in the way of the ceiling fan and instead of stopping it or just causing it to hit my arm out of the way, my arm actually broke the metal blade arm in two. Thankfully, Claire was not in the room at the time because this spiraling through the air could have been lethal.For a moment I thought "Maybe the fan will still work alright with only 4 blades." Wrong. I was fearing for my life as I rushed to turn the switch off. Luckily, the fan in Will's soon-to-be room is the same so I took a blade from his and put it on Claire's so she could have a fan that night. We have a bit of time before Will's room will need a fan.

Yikes, I'd like to go back to ramming myself into door jams again. It requires less work and money.

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  1. Hey-so sad about all those crazy things happening! I hated it when I was pregnant and everything was just in the way. Even hugging my husband! :(

    I thought your comment was pretty did that person at Joann's know about me? Do you live in Arizona? You totally made my day, by the way. Good luck with your baby!