Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Day and Eating Sea Bugs

We had a great first day at the beach. Grandma and Grandpa got Claire a new swimsuit to wear so she put it on for her first beach day.
Aunt Shelbe did Claire's hair in a pony tail. Aunt Shelbe is Claire's best friend. They played
together for hours in the morning. We are pretty sure that Claire thinks Shelbe is her age.

Once we got down to the beach, Claire was a little stand-off-ish.
For whatever reason, she was afraid of the water and the boogie board became her safety item.
She eventually let Josh take her down to the water and after checking out the rhythm of how the waves worked, she decided it was okay.
Claire worked up a big appetite running up and down the beach.
When her suit got wet the panty half of it kept falling off. It was a 24 month size so I had a feeling that might happen. I "ran" back up to the condo and got her a different suit.

Here is my view of my lap. Claire is not that into me lately and I decided it is because I don't pick her up very often and I don't let her sit on my lap anymore.Claire spent the remainder of the early afternoon playing in the sand,
and running through the freezing water. The air temperature has been quite pleasant even the the weather channel says it is only 65. I was not cold at all and that is really saying something.

We left around 1:30 so Claire could take a normal nap. We were planning to meet up with Grandma's brother, Bill, (who Josh had never met and Tracy hadn't seen in 20 some-odd years) so we wanted her to be in a good mood.

We met up at King's Fish House in Carlsbad. My philosophy of fish is as follows.

Just because a creature lives in water, does NOT mean it was meant to be eaten. Shrimp are the equivalent of cockroaches but because they swim and eat other fish poop it is acceptable to eat them? Same goes for crabs, lobsters, oysters and any other sea creature. I can choke down some forms of fish every once in a while - if I am in the mood to re-enact Survivor, but for the most part I stay away from eating bugs of the sea.

I got a grilled chicken sandwich which was VERY delicious. We had a good time and were at the restaurant for a little over 3 hours. Claire was a champ.

We got home, put her to bed and called it a day.

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