Friday, August 13, 2010

Beach and Pizza - It Doesn't Get Much Better

Thursday was another great day at the beach. The sun had come out early so the air was really warm.

As soon as we got there, Claire was determined to get as dirty as possible.

Aunt Shelbe blew up Claire's beach ball and that became the toy of the afternoon.
Grandpa played ball with her for a very long time.I love Claire's expression in this one - they were being silly.

Suddenly, Claire took the ball and dropped it up near our stuff and said "All done ball." in a quite voice like she was talking to herself. Then she decided it was Shelbe's turn to play with her.

The ball came out again later on. Claire literally ran the entire 3 hours we were there. Grandma took her on a walk and all Claire talked about was eating lunch.

We then played in the sand for a bit and buried her. She liked it but we could tell she was about to crash.

After getting the sand off in the cold water, she was freezing!
We got one more photo before leaving. We always forget to get a family shot. We then made the long journey back to the condo, endured much screaming while washing hair (there is still a ton of sand in her ears - I decided she is going to have to go swimming before that will come out.) and finally nap time.

That night we went to the best pizza place in the world - Pizza Port. It is soooooo good.

On the way home we found a dandelion and Claire had her first experience trying to blow on one. She was unsuccessful.

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