Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day With Friends

Wednesday morning, we left the condo early and drove out to the Cowell's house. Ashlee took us to Balboa Island where we let the kids play on the little beach. It was nice to have water without waves so we didn't have to be right next to kids the whole time. They played and ate lunch.

They tried to get Claire to eat a blueberry. For some reason she hates them. Even in baked goods.Every time we visit them, I am disappointed that I don't take more pictures.
Eszter was in La Jolla with her Grammy and cousins so it was just Claire and the twins all morning. They all took a bath together when we got back to their house. We had Claire watch as Ashlee washed the twins' hair by dumping water over their heads. They were totally okay with it and didn't care that soap and water were running down their faces. Then it was Claire's turn... despite the peer pressure she screamed bloody murder until we were done. I was cracking up the whole time because the twins froze and stared at her with pained looks on their faces and could not understand what her problem was.

Claire napped for 2 hours and then everyone was up and playing. They had a great time, although Claire was a little overwhelmed at times.

For dinner, Ashlee made a fantastic meal of pasta, and chicken parmesean. Then of course we had homemade ice cream, along with homemade caramel and hot fudge. Claire was in heaven!

It was a fun and busy day! Now I am inspired to make homemade caramel!

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