Friday, October 2, 2009

Mimi's 80th

This is a little late in the posting but I have been waiting for the pictures
and the time to upload them all.
Two weekends ago, we went to Mimi's (Josh's grandma's) 80th birthday celebration. We loaded up and made the bleak drive to Tucson which in my mind is a glorified Blythe. I can't believe people actually live there.

The hopping party started at Mimi's home church. There were mostly people she knew from church and some family there. (This picture cracks me up)Claire was happy that she was able to steal a balloon off a table.
Although the party was a happening place to be, we went down to the nursery where Claire's second cousin Destiny was playing. They were a little unsure of each other but they warmed up eventually.
After the church function was over we went to a nice Mexican restaurant and had dinner. We were there for almost three hours! I am happy to report that Claire was as well behaved as she could possibly be. Walking with Grandpa.

My precious girl waiting patiently for her food.
Okay - WHY can't restaurants make their child seat the same height as the tables? Everywhere we have ever eaten out at has the child booster seats 6 inches too low so the poor kids can barely reach the table. This is something that really bothers me for some reason. Who came up with the height measurements on these things and why are they ALL wrong. Not a single place has a seat that is the appropriate height. Argh!

We were glad that Claire was friendly to the whole family. She didn't do her typical shy act. Here she is with her Aunt Shelbe
and GrandmaMimi's John McCain pose. She was into the mariachis.
Claire danced for everyone while they played.
The real show stopper came at the end of the evening when we coaxed Claire and Destiny to hug kiss. Destiny knew what she wanted right away but Claire needed some convincing.
Destiny: "Come here baby." Claire: "Get away from me!"

Claire: "I don't like this!"

Claire: "Well, maybe just a peck on the cheek"

And there it is - the shot everyone wanted. The kissing cousins. Aww.
It was a really interesting and fun day. We hardly ever get to see that side of family.

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