Saturday, September 26, 2009

Claire the Chicken Farmer

Claire LOVES my parents' chickens. Everytime we go over there, she has to see them and play with them and touch them and feed them. She is very good at making her chicken noises as well. These chickens are pretty spoiled if you ask me. They have a very nice coop that my dad made out of scrap lumbar....
They have 6 nests inside for laying their eggs...They have a little sign hanging on the side of their house...
AND they even have their own mister system. (created by my dad after they lost one chicken to the heat)
When we go to Nana's house, Claire always helps collect the eggs. They usually get a dozen eggs a day because they have 12 chickens (although I just received word that one was found dead in the coop yesterday.)
I love the speckly ones. They are so fun. Claire loves to hold eggs. She probably gets enjoyment from us going "Don't drop it!" or "No no, don't hit them together!" Claire finds golf balls and thinks they are chicken eggs.
Besides collecting the eggs, Claire helps by making sure the chickens have water..

digging up worms for them to eat...
feeding them...

and of course, giving them lots of hugs.

Helping with the chickens is a lot of work but there is always time for a little jig at the end of the day.

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