Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Completed Projects

I would like to say that we have had such an exciting week and have a wonderful story to tell but the only story around here is the same one that plays over and over. (similarly to Claire's music) We get up, we eat oatmeal, we dance and play, we go thrift store shopping, Claire naps, I sew. Then we do it again.

This weekend, Josh is taking some boys camping so I am heading to my mom's house. My brother Steve will also be staying the weekend because his wife is taking some students from the school they teach at on a trip and she will be gone for a few days. It will be like the olden days - all of us kids back under the same roof. (plus Claire!)

Here are some projects I've recently finished. The ruffled sleeve top:
This top is made out of a vintage sheet. I use sheets when I'm developing a pattern so that I don't waste nice fabric. (which I also got for $1 - everything you see is from something that cost a dollar. I won't spend more than that on a refashion) The back

Claire in middle of talking.

This next one is made from a Ralph Lauren wrap skirt. I got three of these tops and a dress out that one skirt.

And the dress - which I am in love with.

The following are too big for Claire to model. I am hoping to sell them (and more that are in the works) at a little booth/shop at our upcoming yard sale and if they do well I will try at the Laveen BBQ.

I got two of these dresses out of a LARGE womens shirt.My pride and joy dress - made out of a Roxy Skirt (it was not very photogenic and looks amazing in real life.)

Another large ladies' topand made from a skirt
and a dress.
As you can see I pretty much have 4 different patterns going for me that I really like.

And here is the shirt dress tutorial. I LOVE this blog.

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