Friday, September 25, 2009

Grinding Wheat

About a month ago now my friend Jenni went with her friend to a Mormon food warehouse and picked up a 25lb bag of wheat for me for just under $6! I didn't realize at the time the grinding the wheat would be such a problem. Most wheat grinder cost between $200 and $600 so I knew this was not an option. I looked into a hand crank one but I noticed the description said it took 6 minutes of cranking to grind 1 cup.

Thankfully, my mom's friend Mrs. McInturff lent us her KTEC Kitchen Mill and the wheat grinding began.

It was really loud and took awhile to grind so much but we finally got six, gallon-sized ziploc bags full of fresh ground, whole wheat flour.

Thank you Jenni and Mrs. McInturff! Now off to bake some bread!

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