Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Serge of Joy!

Introducing.... the best thing since sliced-bread....

My new serger!!!!!Beautiful

Easy color-coded threading!

After our yard sale on Saturday, we counted and divided the money appropriately between me, my parents and Bryan. I looked on Craigslist in hopes of a new serger ad and lo and behold, there was one! *angelic music* Not only was it only $50 which I had in cash from the sale but the lady selling it lived in Gilbert! My mom and I promptly drove to her house and tried it out. I was in awe that such a wonderful machine even exists let alone that I might even own one. It came home with me that day and I have been in love ever since. To celebrate, I made a shirt dress and it took half the time!

Josh was happy for me since he knows how much I have been wanting one. His only question was "where are you going to put it?" He is constantly picking up my crafting/sewing area that has now been banished to our bedroom. It is a hopeless cause - the moment I start a new project the cluttery mess of threads, fabric scraps and patterns is strewn across the floor, far outside the 5 by 3 ft boundaries he has set for it.

Yes, indeed, I am one happy girl.


  1. I am SO happy for you, Kathleen! That serger will make years of wonderful projects! The dress is so cute!