Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Gathering

This weekend was very busy and fun for us. Mr. Dan Cain (aka Papo) hosted a Fall Gathering at his home on a beautiful lot- it must be 2 acres but I could be wrong. Everybody brought a food item and we just ate and hung out with some church friends.

My friend and co-worker, Sara, found an ancient pinata is their attic and we filled it with candy for the kids. It was Claire's first pinata experience and we should have let Keyara go first so Claire would understand what she was supposed to do.She was reluctant to hit it but she looked like she was going to a couple times. Claire watched as Josh and I got some candy for her off the ground. She was confused.
Then Keyara (Claire's friend) had the great idea of putting the cone of the pinata on her head and a trend was born. (This is the best one Sara.)
After that, Claire joined in a game of badminton. She didn't want to leave poor Joel and Nicole alone. Joel is very patient though and let her play and he tried and tried to get her to hit the birdie but it was just not going to happen.
We then moved on the a little rope swing. Bigger kids were doing it so Claire wanted to also. Waiting her turn and wondering why she has to wait in the first place. (only child syndrome)
She hung on really well!
She wasn't as impressed with the Harley as Dadda was. Haha
Last but not least, there was a little pony and cart hooked up and Claire got to pet the pony and then we went for a little ride. She was very tired at this point and we had to leave and get her down for her nap. We had such a good time!

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