Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Claire's Costume - Flower Fairy

 Claire's Costume - Halloween 2012

It looks like we made it another year without a princess costume! This year Claire is dressing up as a Flower Fairy.  We knew she would be a princess or fairy of some sort - it just depended on what we could find.

 She was recently introduced to Peter Pan so she naturally wanted to be Tinkerbell but Josh and I weren't to thrilled with that since Tinkerbell is a murderous, jealous, betraying brat in the movie. (Yes,  I know, from what I hear she had a character transformation the new fairy movies but still - since Josh didn't want her to be that it was fine with me)

 As luck would have it I found this costume at Savers for $6.99.
It didn't come with wings or the other accesories so I made those out of some fabric I bought at Joann that matched perfectly.

The dress is a Disney costume and it had a ridiculous, plastic cameo in the center of the flower on the front of the dress.  I looked it up online and it was Rossetta's face.  I took it off and sewed a pearl/gold button in it's place. Instantly classier.

The wings were a small trial. 
We went through 3 pairs - Luckily all were from thrift stores so they only cost $2 or $3 a piece but it was annoying.   With the first pair, I thought they were too stark white so I tried spraying them lightly and from a distance with gold spray paint. 

Which did not look good at all.

Then out of desperation, I took a different pair of strange shaped wings that were too bright of a pink and soaked them in bleach water to try to lighten the color but the bleach didn't effect the color at all. 

We found the last pair of wings and I decided to try to dye them with rit dye to get them the right color. 

It worked beautifully!

I made a flower and sewed it on in the center along with a pearl button to match the front of the dress,

I love that this costume was so easy and looks great!  We have one happy Flower Fairy over here.

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