Friday, October 26, 2012

Pigeons Problems

One of the many things I won't miss about this house is its the pigeon problem.  I thought it was just our neighborhood but we recently met a friend who has the same problem in their neighborhood a couple of miles away.

We have pigeons nesting in the nooks and crannies of our roof, pooping, molting, mating, you name it, they are doing it, and it is gross.   Their favorite spot....

   and right below there favorite spot. (right next to our front door)

Feathers are EVERYWHERE.   No, one did not just die on our porch, this is what happens if I don't sweep for a couple of days. 

Although, dead birds are not uncommon by any means.

  Do they just die mid-flight I wonder? 

I realize that there are spikes and other bird deterrants we could install to discourage them but since we will hopefully be moving soon we aren't going to waste the money on it. 

I have been told by several people when I tell them my excitement of moving out of the bird sanctuary that "There are pigeons everywhere.... you'll have them at your next house too"  No. I know that birds are everywhere but this is out of control.   Every time we work at the flip house I keep an eye out for pigeons and have yet to see one.  So far just a couple of crows have been spotted.

Longing for the days of sweeping feathers to be over, and feeling slightly sorry for the next people who move in.

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