Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boston House - Painting

 We have been painting this house for over a month and we are not nearly done.  It doesn't help that we can only work on Saturdays but still, it's crazy.  
 Every ceiling needed to be painted. My mom and I did the bedroom ceilings and our necks were breaking so Josh was the lucky one to paint the ceilings in the main family room.  I painted the walls in the nursery the same color as our current nursery and the light seafoam looked like this in the Boston house. 
Seriously, the green was glowing into the hallway.  This was the first of many paint choices that looked good in our current house, and in the store, but totally different in the flip house.  We got a greenish white and painted over the gross green.  Much better.

Claire's room we painted pink.
 We haven't totally decided on the master yet - After the green experience (and the pink is actually much darker than planned) we are putting it off.

It was discovered that the beams in the family room had gaps between them and the drywall ceiling that needed to caulked as attic insulation was falling through in a few places.  I also filled in any huge knot holes and cracks in the beams with caulk so when we paint them they will look nicer.  My mom did all the edging of the ceiling paint.
 My dad has been busy in the bathrooms. 
Master bath
He found that the wall in the guest bathroom was not built right and studs were too far apart so what should have been a couple hour job getting the shower ready for us to tile, turned into an all day project.  Yay!

 He was able to install the new kitchen window though!  It looks so much brighter to not have a dirty broken window with duct tape holding it together. 
 We can't do anything to the kitchen until we tear down the ceiling and raise it up to a normal height. The counters, cabinets, and floors have all been chosen though and ready when we are.

The pencil line above the opening shows how much higher it will be - I think it will open up the whole room a lot.

 This last weekend I started painting the beams.  It is a tedious and intricate job.  After past experience with painters tape letting paint bleed though, we thought it would be better to free hand it.,V e r y carefully.  I have found the it takes an hour per beam.  There are 8 of them.
 My mom painted the entire rest of the house a nice, neutral, creamy color (which took 3 different tries to get the right color.)
We have another week or two of finishing the paint but at least the horrors of wall repair are behind us. Hopefully this weekend the kitchen ceiling will come down!


  1. I was wondering what colors you had chosen...looks like you're still in process, but it looks like it's going to be nice and open when you're done...

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