Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nursery - Done at Last

Joy's room is finally done!  She is almost 1 year old you know so I figured it was about time to get it finished.

I drooled over beautiful pictures of aqua and yellow nurseries on Pinterest so I decided to go with that.  I wanted this paint job to be the last for this room so it is the permanent "nursery".  If we have another girl down the road then it will stay exactly the same (except the name on the wall of course) and if we have a boy then anything you see that is pink will be swapped out with navy blue and gray.  (I have elaborate plans for the boy version)

The closet - The girls' bedrooms are very small so we removed the closet doors to open up the rooms.

 I recovered the rocking chair with some cute yellow fabric I found at the thrift store ages ago and made a removable, ruffle pillow cover for the pillow.

 Above the chair is this little cubby shelf that I found at Goodwill a few years ago.  I just dressed it up with some scrapbook paper glued to the back of the cubbies.

The book on top is also from a thrift store.  It had some adorable pictures that I ripped out and framed with frames that are also from Goodwill.

There's the dresser I repainted a while back.  And yes, everything on the top shelf is from a thrift store too.

Okay, it's safe to say that everything is orginally from a thrift store. (except that rose topiary - that is from my wedding)  I repainted that little $5 dollar table (formally a dismal brown).  And I made that fabric liner for the basket.  I am pretty proud about that one.

 I saw this idea on pinterest as well.  It keeps the door very slightly ajar and keeps it from clacking closed when the air conditioner kicks on.

Over Joy's crib hangs her name.  I made it out of regular wood letters covered with scrapbook paper. 
At first it just said "JOY" but that seemed to be missing something so I used my silhouette to add the "bug" at the end.  We call her our little Joybug all the time.

Those breathable bumpers are a great invention but they don't fit my crib well at all so I finally cut it and re-sewed it back together so it is the appropriate length.  Also, I made that crib sheet out of a regular bed sheet!  I know! You are thinking "why?" I don't know, it was cheaper ($1) it was easy, and much prettier than the other crib sheets we have.  (I hope to make many navy blue ones in the future - seeing as it is near impossible to find navy blue crib sheets).

Ah, yes, I feel very happy when I go into Joy's room - for many reasons.


  1. Joy is starting to look a little bit more like Claire's sister. Love the door closer contraption. Great job on the room. It looks wonderful!

  2. beautiful beautiful! I love it. hope to see you guys sometime soon. (=

  3. OMGosh! I have a Joy too! And we call her Joybug. Or the Hulk. She has a bit of a temper. *wink*

    1. That is too funny! I'm sure there aren't too many Joybugs out there:)