Friday, August 3, 2012

Refashioned Tube Top

  It seems that every year at this time we run into a shirt shortage for Claire.  The same tops are worn over and over and over. Or maybe it just seems that way since the majority of them are pink.   Either way it was time for something new.

I was at our local Goodwill a few weeks ago on dollar day and spotted this cute red and gray striped fabric peeking out of the over-crowded rack.   It was a ladies' tube top with elastic around the bust and waist that had rotted out.  I looked at the tag, it was $1 and I just knew it had potential.

The design and pattern changed as I went.  I orginally had this in mind,  but I decided it just didn't look right so I made the bias tape cover the neckline as well.  The only thing I was able to salvage from the old tube top was the ruffle.  The rest of it was just a square of fabric when I started.

I am pleased with it!  It is my most "store bought" looking shirt so far.

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