Friday, July 6, 2012

VBS Shirt Make-over.

Claire was SO excited for VBS this year.  A whole week of class with her friends, games, stories, snacks, dancing and singing..... every 4-year old's dream... well, at least Claire's dream anyway.
When she saw that Josh and I had our official Amazing Wonders Aviation t-shirts on she wanted one too.  Unfortunately, she was swimming in the child's small but I figured I could make it work and got it anyway.  
Never promise a 4 year-old that you will fix their shirt for them "by tomorrow" unless you really have the time to.   The next morning I got up a 6am (we had to be at church by 8am) and started on the shirt. Joy woke up shortly after and I let her destroy my sewing drawer so she could keep busy while I worked. 
I decided to go with the famous Warhol Dress pattern by Dana over at Made.  I tried making it a few years ago but Claire was too small so it just didn't turn out right.  
This time it came out just right!

Ready for take off!
 I was thrilled with the results and so was Claire!  
I plan on refashioning many more VBS and camp t-shirts in the future.

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