Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joy's Costume - The Peacock

Joy the Peacock - Halloween 2012

I have known that I wanted Joy to be a peacock since last Halloween.  I don't know why or where I got the idea but I had a vision and her costume came out pretty close to my original plans.
Finding a leotard the right size and color proved to be impossible. I had kept my eye out for one for the last year with no luck so I knew I would have to make my own.  A few months ago I found this little gem at Savers for $5.99.

Not only was it the right color of satin, it was also lined with a stetchy material perfect for a leotard.  
It was my first attempt to sew something so fitted.  I just winged it by combining the shape of a swim suit and onesie that we already had for a pattern.  I couldn't believe it actually fit!
I pain-stakingly took off the silver, flower trimming and reused it on the leotard to dress it up.
I made the skirt out of the satin dress material and the tail from tulle decorated with peacock feathers. 
The tail is attached to the leotard with a button so it can be removed.  Because we go to our church's harvest carnival, the costumes have to be able to withstand bounce houses and carnival games.

 I attempted to make little shoes out of the same satin dress but they just did not look right and Joy couldn't walk well in them so I spray painted her sandals to match.  At least she can walk with ease. (Which is a big deal when you are 1)

 Joy seems unfazed by her tail or her fascinator.  I was so proud that she didn't rip it off the entire photo shoot.

 This peacock has the most kissable face I've ever seen!

Claire's pics coming soon!

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