Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Leaves Craft

Ever since we did our fall tree paintings, Claire ahs been dying to do more crafts.   I have been wanting to try the wax paper/crayon leaves for a few years now and thought that she might be old enough now.  First we carefully selected some fall colored crayons.  We had to test the red ones to make sure they were really red and not "red violet"(obnoxious Crayola)

 Then we grated them on my spice grater.  Look out!  Wax is static-y!
 It was hard...
 Finally we had all of our fall colors so Claire spread them out on a sheet of wax paper....
 Then covered with another sheet of wax paper...
 and carefully ironed.
She loved looking at the melting mix of colors.
 After the wax cooled and hardened, we cut out some leaf shapes. 
 (Claire did one - I lost her after that)
I hung them with some fishing wire in the entryway.
 Joy was so cute when she saw them for the first time.
 Happy Fall!
(That was a lot of work for not very many leaves)

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