Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Events

Halloween was a lot of fun for us this year.  For some reason we waited til the night before to carve our pumpkins and watch Charlie Brown.
 I would have liked to do it a day or two sooner.  Carving pumpkins is not to fun when you are little.  Josh ended up doing 98.4% of the work.  Claire actually touched the slimy stuff willingly this year!

I made caramel apples that night as well.  

Someone was enjoying hers a little too much and got loopy.

Helping sister.

Finished Jack-o-Lanterns.
  Claire was so excited when she woke up on Halloween morning.   I felt sad for her that the fun part of Halloween is only the last 3 hours of the day so I put aside my aversion to the library (and other "community events" involving children) and took the girls to the library Costume Parade.  The "parade" was actually a bunch of kids standing in a line to get candy but it was an excuse to dress up and Claire had a good time.  Her friend Mindy was there so that was great.  
The library had a craft for the kids....

and then for some reason gave them whistles.  Smart.

Afterward, Claire looked at books with Mindy

While Joy sat patiently and waited.  Cause she's just awesome like that.

When it FINALLY got dark, we went trick-or-treating around the block for about 45 minutes and then to the Harvest Carnival at church.  Claire played some games but mostly spent her time in the bounce house.

Joy, once again, spent the night waiting for her sister but she knew where the good stuff was.

For some reason Joy wanted to sit in the stroller most of the night. 

But we made her play the one game there that she could do.

She was terrible at it.

Before we knew it Halloween had come and gone. 

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