Friday, November 30, 2012

Car Races

We've been spending a lot of time outside to enjoy the weather.  Since we can't play in our tiny, black widow infested backyard, we always walk across the street the "the field" and tot lot.  We discovered that taking our ride on toys to the field can be hours of fun.

Joy cried every time is was Claire's turn to go down the hill.  I thought that after a few times she would realize that it was okay, she would get her turn in a second, but no.  We did this for over an hour and she threw a fit every time.

Wipe out!

Something hilarious....

"If Sister can do it....
then so can I!"


Later, we took two ride-on cars so they could have races and not have to take turns.

Claire was very kind and helped Joy get her car to the top of the hill time and time again.

All play stops when a plane flies overhead.

Not sure what she was doing here.

These sisters love each other.

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