Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Claire is so ready for Christmas.  The day after Thanksgiving, we pulled out all of our Christmas decorations. (even though we don't have anywhere to put most of them - another reason I can't wait to move!)   Claire is confused about Christmas day vs. Christmas time.  She thought that it was Christmas Day since we got out our decorations and she is now allowed to watch Christmas shows.  I tried to explain that it is Christmas time and there are still (at the time) 32 days til Christmas.  She is always confused about her days.  She gets night time and nap time mixed up and thinks that a new day starts every time she wakes up regardless of whether it was nap time or night time.

To help her visualize how many days til Christmas I made her a little tear off calendar exactly like the ones my mom would make with me and my brothers growing up.  When we first made it, it was 28 days long and just barely fit on the wall. When Claire first saw it completed, she cried and said "Oh no! That's a lot of days!"  To help break up the monotony and give her short term days to look forward to, I stuck in 2 special days we have coming up.  The train to signify our trip to the Grand Canyon to ride on the Polar Express, and the star for the Christmas musical she is in.  She gets to dress up like a star and has a solo!  We are so proud!

 The Christmas Countdown has begun!  I forgot how terribly long the wait seems when you are little.

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