Thursday, December 27, 2012

Claire's Christmas Performance

This year we were very excited for Claire to be in her first Christmas performance!  My mom and her former homeschooling friends are all now grandmas so they get together every so often and do fun activities with their grandchildren.  Two of the ladies wanted to put on a Christmas play/musical to tell the story of Christmas. Wow what a job!  The ages ranged from 2 to about 10.  There were only a handful practices but each child worked on their part at home so it all came together in the end.   The grandmas were responsible for their grandchild's costume.  There were stars, sheep, angels, shepherds, wise men, Elizabeth, Isaiah and of course Mary and Joseph. 

 Claire was a star.  My mom came up with her very cute and creative costume.  Claire loved it.
We were shocked when we were told that Claire got a solo part.  I was very afraid that when she got up there she would say she was "too shy" and not go through with it.  We practiced and practiced and I put the fear of humiliation into her if she didn't do her part.   I was so nervous while she was waiting for her time to sing but she did it and it went well. (Especially since they had never had a chance to practice with the microphone!)

Everyone came to see Claire, Nana (who was wrangling kids on stage), Poppy, Buddy, Didi and Shel and TJ, Grandma, Grandpa. Corey, Matea, Shelbe and my friend Sara all came just to see her 20 second solo.

Steve and Michelle brought Claire flowers which was very sweet and special.

We are so proud of our little star!  We look forward to doing it again next year!

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