Friday, December 28, 2012

December at a Glance

I had every intention of blogging MORE during December since we actually did fun things worth sharing but the busyness of the season got the best of me so here are a few snap shots of some of the things we did. 

The day we got home from the Polar Express, we got our Christmas Tree. 
 It helped soften the blow of having to leave for Claire.  Our children are still completely helpless when it comes to decorating a tree.  There is no understanding of ornament weight versus tree branch strength.

Claire and I made a gingerbread house the cheater way - out of the Wilton Pre-baked, pre-cut gingerbread kit.   I got it last year for $2.50 when it was 75% off. 

It came with candy and everything so it was cheaper and MUCH less frustrating than making one from scratch. 

 I hate gingerbread anyway so I was glad to not have to deal with it and Claire got to do the fun part.

We had 3 different fundraisers to attend to help raise money for the Mexico mission trip next week,  the first one was at the one and only Scooptacular,  
the next week there was one at Jersey Mike's and just before Christmas was the "bash".

Mid December Josh went to Oklahoma for a couple of days to drive home with one of his former youth so I went to my mom's where the girls enjoyed the fall leaves (finally)

 And had leaf wars with Uncle Buddy.
 Uncle Buddy took them for walks around the neighborhood at night to look at Christmas lights.
 A couple of days before Christmas we finally had our chance to see Santa.  We weren't going to even try putting Joy on his lap but when she saw sister with Santa she wanted to go too.  We were shocked.  She is getting more sociable in her old age.

Earlier this month my Grandpa passed away due to lung cancer.  His lovely wife, Grandma Sheila, came out to spend Christmas with us.  Claire didn't remember her since she was 1 year old last time we were together but Claire instantly became her best friend. 

As usual Christmas Eve was spent at our house with my family. 

We had our Mexican tamale feast, Josh preached at our church's candlelight service and then we came back to our house to open gifts.
 Cousins!   T.J. Is a little concerned when Claire is holding him.

 In his spare time, Uncle Buddy crochets hat for people.  He made one for Claire and one for Joy.  Very cute.
Santa came and brought the girls each there own puppy that I don't have to clean up after and doesn't mind getting forgotten in the corner for days at a time.  They are quite popular right now.

 We spent Christmas morning at home with just our family and then went to Josh's parents' house for the rest of the day.  We ate, opened gifts.... the favorite was this pretend camping set.  It kept them busy all day holding plastic food over the fabric flickering flame.
That night we had a real fire to roast smores and just hung out.  It was a fun relaxing time.
Photo: McKenzie home Christmas evening camp fire… roasting marshmallow's to make S'mores.

The day after, Josh had to work and get ready for his upcoming Mexico trip so we went back to my mom's house to spend the day with Sheila before she went back home to Nevada.
By the time we got home that night the girls were exhausted and in dire need of a good night's sleep and a day at home with nothing to do. 

Claire is pretty sad that Christmas is over (and so am I) but now onto the New Year and the exciting changes that will hopefully take place for our family in 2013.

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