Thursday, November 15, 2012

This and That about Joy

My little Joy.  
She is the sweetest little girl.
She is now 15 months old and 18 lbs.

She loves her big sister
and tries to be like her as much as she can.  

Her favorite thing to do at the park is swing.  She screams and cries whenever I take her out.

She is not afraid to try things...Especially if she saw Sister do it.

Today she went down the slide by herself.  She didn't even need a push off the top.

  When Joy is working at something you can tell she is concentrating very hard. 
She doesn't stick things in her mouth anymore.  She really seems to have more common sense than most babies.....or four years olds for that matter.

She has fashion sense...

Except for when she wears her jeggings with her cloth diaper - which she does a lot.

She loves her stroller and cries to get in it whenever she sees it.

She is a girl of few words.  The only words she says are "Mama" and "Ki-ee" for kitty.  Everything else is a grunt or "bah" that only Josh and I can distinguish.  We usually can tell exactly what she wants though. 

She recently got 4 molars. (one on each quadrant of her mouth.)  She is weaned (finally) except for a few sips right before bed.   In the past week she has started SCARFING down food.  
She has no problem eating half a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  Yesterday after a huge breakfast, she ate an entire mcdouble and most of my parfait, followed by an adult portion of mashed potatoes and stuffing and turkey for dinner.  She is picky about what she eats though and if she doesn't want it, she won't eat it without a fight. (and let me tell you, we fight until I win)  Her favorite food hands down is avocados with garlic and salt mashed in.
Look at that belly!

As she grows older, she is getting a little more spice mixed in with her sugar.
If we tell her "no" over any little thing, this happens.  (this time it was because I told her there was no more food) Sometimes she'll walk away a few steps and throw herself on the ground.
  she only screams for about 5 seconds, pops in her fingers and recovers.
then it's not long before my happy-go-lucky Joybug is back to her usual jovial self.
Little Bug, we love you!

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